New Rims and Suspension

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Jan 3, 2022
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I know I haven't posted much since joining but lately I have been less of a lurker so why not start a post about recent work put into my 16 Denali. I had a Belltech 1020SP kit installed and after a few adjustments I got it sitting just the way I like. Two 8mm spacers were used up front and a 1" spacer with the rear coils. The ride height from the ground to top of the wheel well went from 35.5"/37" stock to 34" up front and 34.5" at the rear. That half inch higher in the rear is perfect as the truck looks levelled due to the trucks lines and body design. I used a Magdelete module to disable Magnaride and I am really happy with the ride improvement and handling. Feels like a big car that handles tightly now. It's clearly lowered with enough clearance to get up or down entrances or over speed bumps without any worry. I did add a Belltech rear sway bar but need to install the front and rear HD end links from Tony next week. Boy do they look solid. The MBRP exhaust is a real winner for me and I had that installed at the same time as the suspension.

So as much as I liked the CK157's the truck came with I started to notice that they were clearly more of a Chevy style design in my opinion. That said I have not been keen on any of the other stock rims until I saw the CK161's. I have only ever seen them once on a Sierra Denali and I have never been able to forget them. They are an accessory wheel option so from what I understand they weren't available as part of any trim package; SF0 code on the order sheet. They simply are not common in my part of the universe. I ended up buying this used set from a guy that hunted 3 years for them, only for his wife to turn her nose up and say she didn't like them after some time. They were a bit tired looking but came with a meaty set of 285/45R22 Nitto 420S tires which was a nice bonus! To make a long story short I just got them back from a great local shop that refinished them; machine face with hyper silver window frames. I just love the way they turned out and really fit the truck well. Same 24mm offset as the 157's. I looked high and low for pictures of these 161's on Yukons like mine and none of the photos do them justice. Let me know what you think.


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