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Just finished lowering 96 2dr 2wd

Discussion in 'Street Suspension' started by rchurch5945, Jun 29, 2020.

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  1. rchurch5945

    rchurch5945 TYF Newbie

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    Apr 21, 2019
    Bridge City, TX
    I just finished the suspension on my 96 2dr/2wd and though I'd post some thoughts on it:

    I completely rebuilt the front and rear suspension - everything is brand new, including the rear leaf springs and shackles. Only the control arms were rebuilt.

    I did all the work myself, just to be able to say "I did it myself!" Probably would not do it again. I'm too old and fat to be getting up and down and getting on the floor under a vehicle. I did have some help from a couple of my teenage grandkids, which was awesome that they loved working on a vehicle. I hope I helped start a life long love affair of vehicles like I have had.

    I did a 4/4 drop kit from DJM. I used the 2" spindles and 2" springs in the front and axle flip kit in the rear. Its lower than I expected but I still like it, although it doesn't ride as good as I expected. I was hoping to keep a near stock ride.

    I used polyurethane bushings. I wanted a tight, slightly stiffer ride, but it's more than I wanted. I would recommend stock, rubber bushings.

    I used Cal-Max shocks designed for lowered suspension. I don't care for them and will switch them out. They just seem to be pretty soft. I was told the Belltech Street Suspension shocks are really good and will probably go with them.

    The first time I drove it the driveshaft hit the underneath whenever I hit even the slightest bump. I changed the pinion angle some and it helped, but it still hit from time to time. There is a small brace-type box in the transmission tunnel that it was hitting. I cut a 2" notch out of it and solved the problem. A future project will be to fabricate a piece to go in there to give it a finished look.

    I put 20 x 9 wheels on it with a +18 offset and 275/40/20 tires. A little less sidewall than I wanted but they fit perfect. It rode like a tank and I wasn't too happy about that. After two weeks I decided to check the air pressure to see if I could lower it some and help the ride. They had 46 lbs in them! I lowered it to 32 lbs and the ride improved tremendously. I now will always check air pressure after getting new tires. Also checked the bolts holding the center caps on and they were all loose! Some almost to the point off coming out and losing the center cap. I hate paying someone to do something and then having to go behind them to make sure it was done right. And this was one of the top tire places in the area.

    The exhaust is now hitting the rear end so my next project will be to raise it up an inch or two.

    I want to thank everyone for their posts on here. This was easily the best forum with the most information! I also want to apologize for the lengthy post.

    I will post pics as soon as I can figure out how to get them off my phone!

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