Irritating Noise in Overhead Console

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Nov 14, 2022
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Noticed a noise coming from the overhead console area, seemed to be independent of gear / speed / # passengers / cargo weight or amount.

While changing Lear to Homelink, did some additional poking around. Found a couple potential culprits.


There are a pair of anchors in the roof structure that just float around. They may have been tight at one time, but were moving around relatively freely. To help reduce potential noise here, I placed small strips under the ears of the clips. I realized that they would need to move in order to mount the console standoff, so decision was made to put tape underneath and let move around a bit versus taping into place. Wise decision on my part as nothing lined up when I went to put it all back together. Notice the cable underneath the clips. The cable tape was degraded, and allowed the cable to move around. I did give a good shake of the cable, and lo and behold, my ears were greeted by a noise that very much resembled the annoying one that causes me to turn the radio way up. The harness was reattached to the plastic clips using vinyl tape. Shook the cable again, and noise still present. Put a bit of tape behind the plastic anchor, top and bottom, and then tape the clip to the metal as well. Hope this works...

Next pic of noisy candidate is the console screw mount. The alignment pins looked worn, and may allow the console to move around unnecessarily. So, I applied a small square of electrical tape over each one, and used a knife edge to push down into the angle as much as I could. Theory here is that the vinyl tape will act as both a cushion as well as prevent movement.

Last pic is of the courtesy light assembly itself. I just could not seem to get it to fit securely on the retention clips before I started any kind of work here. There just seemed to be an excessive amount of play, allowing the assembly to move around slightly. Vinyl tape to the rescue again. I cut small strips, and wrapped them around the edge that would normally be held tight by the clips. After each position was treated, the assembly was a chrome plated @#$%^ to get back into place. I might have only needed to put tape on the holes that had the clips that were the most worn. It is what it is, and I have high confidence this will not be moving around in the next 8 or 10 years.

After reassembling the console, and getting Homelink to work, it was time to check for noise. Driving around the neighborhood dodging cats, no irritating noise. Freeway driving, no noise. Rumble strips at 75mph, yup, definitely a lot of noise but not the kind that I was listening for. I think that I got it.

Duct tape didn't fix this truck, but electrical tape did.


Nov 10, 2021
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I have had good luck using the tape that European manufacturers use for wiring looms similar to this: Amazon: Tesa 51608
Fixed a squeaky A-pillar and the driver side fuse box door with it.

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