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    Aug 28, 2012
    Hello TahoeYukon Members! My name is William, I will be taking over our position on the forum and will be much more active starting today. I've been a part of the off road industry for more than 7 years. I've been familiarized with Rough Country lift kits for years, and am excited to start being a regular member and supporter of I come with a vast background of suspension components as well as having a combination of self-taught mechanics and kit installation experience on both IFS and Solid Axle vehicles. From lifting to leveling and even dropping vehicles, I've experienced a lot and have owned my fair share of modified vehicles. I am also a certified TIG/MIG welder am generally full of a lot of random information haha.

    We are proud to be back on TahoeYukonForum in a regular manner. I will be happy to answer Any and All questions you may have regarding our products. I will also shortly start posting all available kit options for all Chevy/GMC SUV vehicles and the forum deals we'll be offering.

    Thanks, I look forward to getting to know some of you as I will be hopping around the forum helping out where I can!

    RCX Sales Force

    P.S. I am aware based on our private messages and posts that have been made in our specific vendor forum that we have not been very active the past few months. I apologize for this. Please feel free to private message us or post in our vendor forum and I will start playing catch-up with everyone.

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