First one is a 1986 Nissan 4x4 pickup

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Oct 8, 2014
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I advertise for work on the side. I have posted about that before and lots of us work on vehicles that are not related to the Tahoe/Yukon/Escalade Forum. This is a thread about that. Let's face it, we are mostly mechanically inclined and can work on other rigs besides our vehicles. I ran shops for over 25+ years and worked as a tech for 35+ years. I am a retired ASE Master Tech and ASE Service Consultant. I by no means know it all and make mistakes and freely admit to that but I like making money on the side working on any kind of vehicle. This thread is all about that. I love being at my VFW and American Legion and over hearing a vehicle conversation about a problem or something special about that vehicle. I advertise about my offer to help with vehicle repairs for an hourly wage. I also remind in the ad what the normal or going shop rate is in the area and that I am less and am willing to help. It works. I advertise to do the work and to inspect the vehicle before buying and I also advertise to be there with my expertise to make sure the vehicle owner does the work right or a son/daughter does it right. It works. I am helping a lady do an axle shaft replacement on an 86 Nissan 4x4 pickup tomorrow. I also rent my tools for a price. I rent my ramps, jack stands, floor jack, foam pads....etc..... If you are doing the same thing.. Please post here and tell all about the experience of working on GM or other vehicles.

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