Adding Factory Backup Camera - write up

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Oct 17, 2020
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This is only if you want a factory backup camera. Will add more photos later or PM me directly.

Keep seeing pop up on (Facebook) and not finding a good write up for PPV/SSV models. I know there are many ways to do this, but this was the easiest way for my situation. Since there is a 5 image limit going to make multiple posts for photos later on.

Parts You will Need - You can source most of these parts on Craiglist, Offerup, local scrap yard (car-part, You pull you pay), Market place, Ebay and etc.

Rear View Mirror with screen - 25794381
Factory camera with trim - 23168608 (this is new with camera but the trim will need paint) Noticed that some used parts venders mix up this part number for the non camera part, email and ask vendor if the item has a camera and button for popping the hatch glass if you have that option. Part Number is for Reference you do not have to buy this part new.
Hatch Harness (not necessary but my rubber boot was cut) - 22847873 (harness is for a Tahoe with Hatch glass that opens, rear wiper with washer jet, heated rear glass, and Backup camera)
Wire - 5 different colors not required but will help on install so wires do not get mixed up.
Wire connectors - Tap Quick Splice or T-Tap, Butt Connectors, Ring Terminals or Vinyl Spade. Most auto parts or tool stores sells a kit.
5/6 pin connector - not required but makes it easy to unplug, check local electronic stores or online places.

Socket set.
Screwdrivers- Flat blade, Phillips, and Torx.
Plastic trim tools.
Box cutter or knife
Wire fish tape, fiberglass pole, dowel rod, romex wire and etc
Electrical tape

Wiring -
Pink - Accessory wire
Light Blue - Video Ground
Dark Blue - Reverse signal (has to be this wire)
White- Video +
Black/white - Ground

Going to Link Youtube or forums -

You will need to remove the Front dome light console, good option is to replace the dome console with one that has a garage door opener and be able to open hatch glass from the front, LINK Gently pry on the plastic light cover there will be 2 Torx screws. Once the 2 torx screws are removed use the plastic pry tool to remove the dome light overhead console. look around the opening for the 16 pin connector might be to the right of the headliner with a black foam cover. Now feed the connector though the headliner there should be a notch for the Harness. Now check if you have the wires needed to start this project see First photo second photo.

Side note - seen many many threads and TSB stating the connector is Front Foot wells or driver and passanger c pillersbut I would not find them so why I went this way.

Now follow the harness into the headliner and make a cut into the cloth cover carefully not to nick the wires and find the Light Blue, Dark Blue, and White wire. Now use a Tap Quick Splice or T-Tap connector on the wires. Now you will need 3 long lengths of wire. I would recommend starting the wire pull in the back. You can go 2 ways with this, Rout the wires on the bottom area under the pillars of the suv or though the headliner.

I went the headliner approach word of warning when the upfitters drilled my holes for antennas and lighting they did not remove the metal shavings. You will need to remove all the rear dome lights LINK. Now would recommend starting in the back of the Tahoe you need something to fish the wires I used about a 4 foot spare chunk of Romex Bent mine in a u shape and hooked the 3 wires to it and wrapped it in electrical tape and pushed it until I hit the first rear dome light and slowly made my way to the front then attached the 3 wires to the front harness to the wires noted above.

Next remove the Hatch interior trim Youtube LINK

Now for the Tricky bit if you bought the hatch harness you cut the camera connector off at the headliner end and replace it with harness you bought or butt connectors for the remaining 2 wires the Black with white stripe I found a nice ground spot on the passenger rear behind the speaker trim (see photo) and Pink Accessory wire I tapped a wire from the rear AC connector make sure to check with a DVOM
If you did not buy the Harness you will need to pull the 5 wires though the rubber boot into the hatch (nice write up linked here) LINK. Then pull the wires to the factory backup camera and cut and splice the wires to the camera test and your done.

Any issues, something is different on your Tahoe Send me a PM and I will do my best to figure it out.

Hope this helps.


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Nice post. I am curious, can you see a trailer ball if a receiver is installed into the hitch for hooking up to a trailer?

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