2013 Tahoe PPV for Sale

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    2013 White Tahoe PPV former NJSP Garden State Parkway unit. Asking $9500k OBO with no equipment $15k OBO with all equipment (see bottom for requirements on purchasing with all equipment)
    146k miles (will increase due to being my DD).
    Vast majority of highway miles (includes 8 trips between FL and NJ).
    Vehicle well maintained while in service, and continues to be well maintained by myself.
    Vehicle has new Goodyear Eagle RS-A tires with 2018 style PPV black rims.
    Raybestos Police brakes installed in 2018
    AirRaid MIT intake tube.
    Will include the Setina wraparound pushbumper.
    Price does NOT include any emergency equipment, all radio antennas will be removed and holes plugged and silicon sealed. If you wish to purchase it with the lighting equipment, you MUST provide valid Blue Emergency Light Permit, valid LE/Fire/EMS ID, and valid DL. If you are able to produce these, a different price will be worked out.

    Equipment includes
    Whelen CenCom Carbide w/ T/A plug, input expansion, and 16 Output expansion module
    Code 3 Supervisor Flex in blue/white hardwired into Carbide for full control of each lighthead and color
    Whelen ION Trio (R/B/W) in pushbumper (red not connected)
    Code 3 PAR36 foglights
    Code 3 M180s in white under mirror
    Whelen ION Trio R/B/W in side door windows
    Whelen Avenger II DUO B/W in side cargo windows
    Whelen Vertexes in taillight housings
    Whelen Outer Edge hardwired into Carbide T/A for full control over each lighthead
    Whelen Headlight/Taillight Flasher
    Havis C-VS-TAH-2000 widebody center console
    American Aluminum drawer in cargo area

    68823481_2483256248402984_7700246470414303232_n.jpg 70932735_2483256988402910_7322753514071916544_n.jpg 71050669_2483256898402919_6702660472476270592_n.jpg
    71309485_2483256705069605_3006145995286249472_n.jpg 71200116_2483256045069671_1146522634695999488_n.jpg

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