2005 GMC Yukon power steering pump replacing

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Mar 24, 2022
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So I did a quick skim of the forum and didn’t see a write up of replacing a power steering pump on a 4.8,5.3,6.0 etc power steering pump. There’s some variations between Hydro boost and non hydro boost but it’s rather similar unfortunately I didn’t take pictures. If I end up having to do another one I will photograph and update this post.

This is the way I found easiest.

Tools required

15mm wrench
15mm socket
Ratchet (spanner)
10mm wrench
10mm socket
8mm socket
8mm wrench
Needle nose pliers
Check wrench size for battery
Check wrench size for high pressure lines
Flat head screw driver
2 gallons power steering fluid
Fluid evacuator helps
Power steering pump pulley puller

Remove the air intake tube running between the air box and throttle body by loosening the two clamps

One at the throttle body (8mm/Phillips)

One at the air box (8mm/Phillips)

Disconnect the negative terminal
On the battery.

After removing the air intake line we can’t detention and remove the belt. It’s easiest to just get it out of the way. If you’re not mechanically inclined or if your new to working on your car. If you don’t have the diagram you can take a picture but remember you’ve got a wealth of knowledge on your phone!

Use a belt tensioning tools, or use a 15mm socket and remove tension from the belt and set to the side. Nows the time to inspect/replace your belt!

At this point you may need to remove your fan if you have a clutch fan. Luckily I believe 05 an newer is electric fans so if you’re in that boat you don’t have to do anything with your fan/s

On the clutch fans you need to either get the correct tools or figure out how to stop the shaft from rotating and spinning the clutch assembly off. If you have a clutch fan you will need to remove the upper fan shroud to get to it by popping the body clips out and pulling the fan shroud out of the way.

So we are now looking at the bare accessories on the front of the engine.

At this point we want to drain the power steering pump. You should also perform a power steering flush. If you want to waste a gallon of power steering fluid you can drain the reservoir add fluid and then Jack the front of the vehicle up and turn the tires full right then full left and do it 5-6 times then drain fluid and repeat until your fluid is a consistently Clearer color or until you get through your gallon.

Or if you have the hydroboost you can hook a 3/8’s hose up tot he hydroboost low pressure return line get a helper and put the line into a drain bucket so you’ll need a few feet and then have someone filling the reservoir while you pump the brakes with the vehicle on.

I would recommend getting some sort of fluid evacuator or rent one I’ve got an air assisted one and it’s great with all fluids.

Extract the fluid once your done flushing out of your power steering pump get as much out as you can. This will help
In keeping it less messy.

Put a drain pan under the power steering pump and disconnect the upper low pressure return line from the pump. Plug the line with a bolt or something and set it off to the side

Follow the high pressure line and disconnect the high pressure line from the hydroboost system idk where it goes on a non boost system id assume the steering gear box. Either way it’s easier to disconnect the lines and pull it out with the pump and assembly.

Be careful not to destroy your O-rings on your high pressure lines pull them out gently and set them to
The side for inspection and cleaning.

At this point we should only have one more low pressure line connected to the pump. If you can reach in and disconnect it go for it if not it’s okay we can get it later.

At this point disconnect the alternator, *MAKE SURE YOUVE DISCONNECTED THE BATTERY* pull the charging wire off (10mm) and disconnect the wiring harness.

Now the positive charging box is held on with 2 10mm bolts go ahead and unbolt those and set them to the side.

Start unbolting the bracket that holds the idler pulley, alternator and power steering pump. The bracket/pump held on with 4
15 mm bolts through the front. There’s one left center and right and then one on the lower left hand side below the power steering pump pulley. There’s also a 15mm bolt that holds the bracket on that’s behind the power steering pump I recommend getting this one first. It’s a short bolt. Just poke your head and flashlight down around the bottom of the power steering pump and you’ll see it.

One you remove the 5 15mm bolts you’ll be able to pull the power steering pump
And bracket away if you didn’t disconnect the final low pressure line now is the time. Once all mines are disconnected the bracket alternator idler pulley and power steering. Pump will wiggle out as one unit.

On the bench you’ll want to pull the power steering pump pulley off the pump. If you don’t have one you’ll need to rent a power steering pump pulley puller from your local store.

After you pull the pulley off there is 4 15mm bolts holding the pump on the bracket remove these bolts and remove the bracket and the pump should pull from the bracket. Remove the high pressure line from the pump pull O-rings and set aside for inspection/cleaning.

At this point the pump is removed. The assembly is reverse order of the above. Make sure if you arnt replacing all of the O-rings inspect them carefully and make sure they’re clean before reinstall.

Take some time and clean up and clean out the lines before reinstalling everything.

Nows also a good time to replace an idler pulley if it’s needed and a good time to do any alternator replacement.

If it helps take pictures of the orientation of the hoses if you’re not good at remembering.

When reassembled top off the power steering pump leave the cap off start the vehicle and shut it off. Check the fluid level fill if needed. Start the vehicle shut it off check the fluid level fill if needed. Start the vehicle shut it off check the fluid level fill
If needed.

Once you’ve done that you can begin to start it let it idle turn the wheel a little left all the way right all the way and check the fluid levels do this until
You are able to
Keep fluid level but you’re just seeing bubbles. Let the bubbles dissipate and then start the vehicle clock the wheel all the way left all the way right a few times. If you have hydroboost press the brakes a few times.

You want to purge the system of air so you’ll need to do the above a few times over until you see no bubbles. Then check for correct fluid level put the cap on and enjoy the quiet/working power steering pump!

I’m sure I forgot something and again I apologize I didn’t take pictures when I just did this.

As a Note I also like to clean all my bolt threads and run a thread corrector on all of my bolts. It’s up to you but it’s an extra step that gives me peace of mind when putting things back together that im cross threading or filling threads with dirt. Your choice!

If any of the older guys in the forum want to chime in with anything I forgot that’d be great! The best thing to
Keep is patience. Power steering pumps are a big pain on these engines!
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