1996 Yukon 4X4 Vacuum Actuator Solenoid / Flashing lights

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    Apr 22, 2013
    Hi everyone, we were testing the 4WD which we never use and the switch is getting flashing lights.
    We did a lot of upgrades last year, the truck is running real good but yesterday we wanted to use the
    4WD and it seems it's not fully engaging guessing by the flashing lights, but the transfer case makes the clunk, so we have a really small problem here but I want to discard some small issues.
    When we started using the truck we forgot to connect this solenoid:


    It goes in the firewall connected to a pigtail, we cannot find the vacuum lines that go in there.
    We have other candidates for the problem:

    1 - The push-button switch itself in the dash
    2 - The 4WD Actuator

    But i want to discard that the 4x4 maybe is not fully working due to the small vacuum lines.
    Thanks in advance!

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