1. T

    Seat Foam Doesn't Fit 2011 Tahoe

    Replaced my seat cushion today on my 2011 Tahoe PPV. The new cushion is certainly more firm, but for the life of me I can't figure out why there is this massive gap. Did I get the wrong foam?
  2. I

    Trying to install 2003 Denali driver seat into 2001 Yukon SLT

    I was hoping this was gonna be an easy swap so I didn't do much research. Has anybody here done a similar seat swap? If so, would you be able to tell me the pin-outs on the connectors so I can cobble this together and use this beautiful, un-torn and hopefully, less farted in seat?
  3. N

    Tahoe Tan Captain Seats to trade

    Have a 2015 Tahoe with the tan captain seats, looking to swap for a bench seat. In the Houston area.
  4. S

    ‘05 seat not working

    The driver seat on my 2005 Dinali XL has not worked for sometime. The wiring harness is a 14 pin harness and pins A (battery positive?) and S (ground?) are chard. The fuse tests good for continuity. What would cause the pins to burn and not blow the fuse? And why doesn't the seat work? What's...
  5. S

    Front seats comfort

    I can't yet leave GM brand because of how comfortable front seats were in my 2018 Yukon SLE and in 2020 LS. I did 21 hours in the seats across the country and did not even feel. Outstandingly comfortable. Yesterday, my dealer invited me to test drive 2022 LT and I did. Sadly, I felt that 2022...
  6. N

    2013 Tahoe LT Headroom Problems, Please Help

    Thank you in advance for your help. I Bought a 2013 Tahoe LT in Feb 2021 because my friend has a 2009 Tahoe and I fit in it very well. To my surprise, my head hits the ceiling of the 2013 Tahoe even with the seat as low as possible (herniated disks in my neck makes this a serious problem). Do...
  7. B

    Screwed up big need help...

    So I was replacing my driver's side seat foam and got all done ready to put the low seat cushion back on the seat frame. I picked up my chair by this motor and the damn thing popped right off. Here are some pictures. What is this part? Is there an install video or instructions for me to get this...
  8. H

    Second row seat swap or buy

    Hello everyone. I just purchased a 2015 Tahoe LTZ with black leather captains chairs with white stitching in the second row. I think they are power fold, and possibly heated. Getting the Tahoe from my Dad's house this weekend. I would like a matching second row bench. Looking to buy one, or...
  9. Schimpfy

    2010 Passenger Seat Recline Issue

    I've tried a search for this, but I'm not sure I'm looking for the right thing... The passenger seat in my wife's Yukon will recline just fine, but won't come back upright. Obviously, the motor works so that's not an issue. I took everything apart and reset the seat to the upright position...
  10. L

    2nd Row Seat Stuck in Folded Down Position

    The 2nd row seat is folded down and won't come back up. It's the larger seat of the 60/40 bench combo. I've tried slamming the seat down as much as reasonably possible, to confirm the seat is latched to the floor, but the back portion of the seat still gets stuck after only about 10-15 degrees...
  11. F

    Putting a 2018 Silverado/Sierra Jump Seat into a 2016 Suburban/Tahoe/Yukon?

    Hi, Does anyone know if a 2018 Silverado/Sierra Jump Seat would fit in a 2016 Suburban/Tahoe/Yukon? Would it be a perfect fit or some modifications needs to be done; especially the usb/12 volt ports. Thanks in advance

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