1. bigdjatom416

    Power Liftgate Suddenly Stopped Working

    Hello All, I went shopping tonight and loaded my groceries into the truck open and closing the power liftgate from the key fob. Worked perfectly like it always has. When I got home I got out, pressed the button and the lights flash but the lift gate did not open. Got in the drivers seat to try...
  2. iboughtatahoe23

    Throttle body cleaning for 2014 Tahoe LT

    I want to clean my own throttle body, I feel like it’s pretty easy to do. But I’ve seen some guy on YouTube with a third GEN Tahoe that had to use a computer to reset the RPMs at idle after cleaning it. Is this so? And what’s your guys experience cleaning them? I feel like I’m losing power...
  3. C

    Back driver door window and open close switch

    At the same time, both the window regulator and the switch that tells the car, whether the door is open or closed, have stopped working. I looked at the wiring harness and clips into the B pillar, and did not see any issues with wiring, and I have looked at fuses and can’t determine any issues...
  4. Cody W

    power running boards - adjustable?

    2017 Yukon with power running boards...just installed Husky mud guards. Drivers side has about a half inch clearance. Passenger side is rubbing on the mud flap. Are these running boards adjustable? Would I be able to slide it back a little towards the rear? (I have larger tires which is why...
  5. M

    2005 Denali 6.0 p/s pmp to hydroboost replace

    New member here, Wondering if anyone has a Reasonable method of replacing the holes there goes from the power steering pump to the hydro boost, Of course the Fitting on the hydro boost is easy because it's right out there in the open... Anyone have a decent way of getting at the sitting on...
  6. H

    Positive Junction Box on Radiator Shroud

    I have a 98 Yukon and was given a 97 Tahoe 5.7L that has been messed with in terms of wires. Can anyone tell me the specific function of this box in the picture? Is it just a junction for the battery, alternator and computer connections? Any electronics in it? The 97 Tahoe has been messed...
  7. TURNz

    Strange electrical/ power issue, clock resetting

    Yesterday when I left work, I started my 2001 Tahoe and the Factory head unit had reset. The clock said 1:00 and the CD player had lost it's spot. I thought maybe something drained the battery enough to reset it, but it still started ok. This morning, I left for work and the clock was ok...

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