Steering wheel swap 2018 Tahoe PPV DONE!

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Nov 29, 2019
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So I couldn’t get a lot of help on this, so I jumped in and did reasearch myself, the best I can.

The donor wheel is a black leather wheel with heat and adaptive cruise and also buttons for volume and channel change on the back. For 2018 and above it’s a clean swap. The volume controls work and so do all the other buttons except for heated wheel and adaptive cruise. Heated wheel would need a new clock spring and perhaps an adapter, no one knew and dealerships are worthless for answers. They did say that even if you got the new clock spring and got it installed you might need to reprogram the truck for heated wheel to work, GM would not do apparently.

Bottom line, if you have a 2018 and above and want a nice wheel with volume and channel controls, go do it. I got a great wheel from 2019 Denali for $160. I don’t regret it a bit!


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Apr 18, 2018
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Bucks county PA
Did you ever look further into the clock spring to gain the heated steering wheel?
On the older trucks you just had to get a clock spring from the same vehicle that offered heated steering wheel. It has an extra wire and you run 12v power to it. That was it.

I would imagine the 2015+ would be similar as I can see some online that offer heated wheel just have an additional wire. You can splice 12v to it or get a factory plug made.

@Chickensandwich could test this theory by pulling the airbag and splicing 12v and ground right into the heated leads and see if the wheel heats up.

The plug I circled below is most likely the plug for heat. It needs its own power supply.

Now take my advice lightly as I’ve never taken apart my 2015 steering wheel. I just did my 08 though and adding power was all that was needed to get heat to the wheel.


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