PPV Wheels and Escalade Mirrors on RST

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Jan 3, 2014
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I picked up this new to me 19' RST a month or so ago and been doing small things here and there. Started with a pulling the door moldings and badging but had to leave the RST badge on there, of course. Then it was a 2" Rear drop from Maxtrac. After that I hunted and found some escalade mirrors for a good price online. Had to get the mirrors caps painted, but that was a given. Also I wrapped the "polished" plastic piece black, so now they're fully blacked out like the oem RST mirrors. Last small thing was to trim the massive from valance, we have a vacation home and sometimes do easy exploring in the dirt, I smoked that valance one too many times on small whoops. So instead of buying the ridiculously overpriced PPV air dam, I just trimmed mine and clearance is no longer an issue.

I really liked the look with the factory 22s and the rear drop except I started seeing white RST tahoes and burbs everywhere - same color, same wheels! So the search for different wheels was on. I always liked the look of the PPV models when I would see them out and about, always looked tough and sporty. They reminded me of the old SS 454 Silverados with the steel wheels. I also wanted a smaller diameter for a better ride. Anyway, I picked up a set for a killer deal and cleaned them up, got new tires on them and here we are.

Went with the Michelin Defender in a little bigger size than the stock PPV tires. 265/70/17 ended up being a couple inches taller than the RS-As they came with and I'm only about an inch smaller than the 22s, so the speedo isn't too far off. The ride is WAY better than with the 22s as to be expected and I don't look like every other white RST rolling around.

The chances of seeing another 6.2 RST on PPV wheels are quite slim which is pretty cool. The look probably isn't everyones cup of tea, but that doesn't matter to me. This is my hot rod! Enjoy the pics!

Before, bone stock...

After with the 2" rear drop...


Then with the esky mirrors and PPV wheels.



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Sep 12, 2022
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One complement sandwich coming up (YouTube family guy complement sandwich if you are out-of the loop, hilarious):

1 good thing: I agree with the smaller rims and more sidewall for better off road ride. Air dams on these are LOW, so good modifications.

Followed by a not-so-good thing: I can't help but see your value diminished. You bought a classy, expensive rig and then made it look like a base model. I know it has a 6.2L, but anyone looking at it will see and ex cop car. Not trying to be mean. I just don't get why people buy new stuff, then strip off ALL the extras that justify some of the added purchase price as a differentiation. Just start with a plain-Jane unit, buy some badges that you want, and save yourself a bunch of $$.

Followed up with a good thing: I do second your opinion that the wheels are similar to the 454ss wheels of the 90's and is a nice throwback. I thought about them for my Denali off road truck, but couldn't get past the black color on my rig....didn't contrast well.

I also agree with you not caring what people think. I'm happy that you are happy.


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Oct 8, 2022
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Cool look. I do like those 17 in wheels. Like my 2005 Suburban. Not a fan of 22’s on these trucks. It does scream cop car. I would slow down if I saw you behind me. Lol. They would be a great winter set for me but I read that they won’t fit a 2022. Maybe the brakes are too big for a 17 wheel.
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Feb 16, 2012
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I like it too. I'd probably do the same thing if I had one. Has that sleeper/cop look as stated. I also have the PPV rims. At 1st I didn't like the RST rims, but they've gro6on me.


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Oct 15, 2023
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might not be your style but the trailboss wheels would look great on that if you are looking for factory wheels

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