Newbie here - Black 2004 Z71

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May 24, 2024
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Hi all - just jumpin' in on the forum here. Bought my 2004 Black Z71 new in 2004. Mileage is about 272,000 now. I've replaced many of the usual components the largest being the drop box at around 160,000 and the tranny at around 240,000. Been doing spark plugs at 100,000 - that sure makes a difference. It is just simply a sweet running truck !! So thinking just how many more miles and dollars do I want to invest here? Got looking at new ones and found out the darn things have grown in length, height and width to the point it is going to make things difficult in my 2 car garage. (ever hear - "happy wife, happy life?) If I choose to keep it I'm thinking new paint while replacing the exterior plastic trim which has become pretty sad. The car hasn't always been garaged. In 2004 Chev added these plastic fender flares to, I believe just their black Z71s ? Did anyone see the 2005 Black Z71 that recently sold on Bring A Trailer? It had 6,000 miles on it - sold for $52,000 - amazing !

Going to ebay there are lots of aftermarket supplier, generally offshore. Just curious what quality exterior trim components are available that don't have offshore written all over them ?

I'm in Northern Calif. Looking forward to hearing from you guys -

The Trackman
Welcome fellow newbie. Yes I heard about the sale here on TYF. Epic.

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