Need New Shocks/Zw7 Conversion (?)


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Jun 13, 2021
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Hi. New to forum. Have read a ton of threads. Have done a lot of research. Hoping I have not overlooked a thread where my questions have already been answered. Needing some info, confirmation or correction on details of what I think I need to do.
My ride:
2003 Yukon SLT 2WD 4DR
5.3L Flex Fuel VIN Code Z
Bone Stock
95K Miles
Relevant (I think) RPOs: G65, ZW7
My issue:
Went out to truck and puddle of oil on pavement around drivers side rear tire. Got under truck. Its the shock leaking oil.
Its the giant shock (ZW7).
Truck Usage/Requirements:
Daily driver on road/hwy, maybe some light towing, maybe some light off-road
I subscribed to this forum right after I bought the truck and read the daily posts. I remembered many people deciding to go with Bilstein shocks instead of ACDelco OEM replacement. I read a lot and my current plan of action is to replace all 4 factory shocks with:
Front: Bilstein PN 24-065009
Rear: Billstein PN 24-143806
Rear Springs (to match shocks) Billstein PN 199021
Spring Dampers/Insulators to match new springs. Brand/PN To be determined.
1. Am I good so far on the above plan of action?
2. For best performace, etc. are the new springs the best way to go? If yes, why?
3. What about new spring dampers/insulators? I see that there is an upper and lower damper on the truck. Are they the same?
4. Is it wise to go fwd with fresh dampers? If yes, are all the brands pretty much the same/universal?
5. While doing this little project, have I overlooked something else I should do?

For what its worth, I prefer a firmer ride and better road feel and control as opposed to the boaty Cadylak feel.

I plan on keeping this Yukon for a long time. I always want to do stuff the right way the first time. Its better and less expensive than do/undo/redo.

Thanks in advance for you guidance.