My Custom CORSA Exhaust (2022 Tahoe 5.3L)

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Nov 20, 2021
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I know there are threads already ongoing for exhaust systems, and there are 1 or 2 already for CORSA specifically. However I wanted to create a post specifically for my setup.

I feel like CORSA gets a bad rep because people think it sounds too loud. Yes it can be loud, but to me everything else just sounds muffled and cheap. Again, the only exception to that would be Borla. CORSA can have some snap, crackle, pop. I have not experienced that yet with my setup on the Tahoe. However I did have snap, crackle, pop on my 2015 RAM 1500 HEMI after the ARH long tubes were installed and on the 2014 Subaru WRX. I considered Borla but stuck with the CORSA because I've been very happy with their product before, and the only way to get a Flowmaster to sound good is to put on long tubes too...

So why did I go with this custom setup? I am seeing the thread concerning the alignment of the dual exhaust CORSA kits and I know CORSA makes a great product, I think it could be that it isn't fitting just right on some of our SUVs. That said if I had the stock dual exhaust, I probably would have gotten the dual exhaust kit from CORSA. I did not go with the CORSA dual exhaust kit that dumps right behind the passenger wheel. It is too low, and the tips are going to get dirty and nasty pretty quick.

What did my custom CORSA exhaust consist of? I saved $600 - $800 by going with a custom setup versus going with one of the cat back kits that CORSA offers. Their kit is going to run you about $1300 - $1400. Yes, worth every penny IMO, however in my case the only option for me would have been to go with the dual kit, which meant that I would have to do the rear facia conversion. Which was more stuff I didn't want to deal with...

Anyway my custom CORSA exhaust set up consists of a CORSA Pro Series muffler, and a CORSA 4" exhaust tip. The muffler itself is $300-something and the tip was just under $200. Free shipping. The muffler shop charged me $200 to cut out the stock exhaust, stock resonator, and to weld in the CORSA muffler and tip. Grand total about $800. I bought the CORSA Pro Series muffler straight from CORSA Performance with the military discount via GovX login, and the CORSA exhaust tip was actually cheaper on Summit Racing. Both arrived within a week of ordering.

CORSA Pro Series Muffler
CORSA Exhaust Tip

When I picked up the Tahoe from the muffler shop the guys in the shop said that I wouldn't like it, that it is too loud and it is going to have a lot of annoying drone. They suggested that I keep my stock muffler to bring it back when I can't take it anymore. With the guys standing right there I remote started the Tahoe. I was shocked as to how quiet it actually was. I said "wow that's not nearly as loud as I thought it would be." At first I was a little bit disappointed because I thought it was going to be louder, and I thought I would hear more chop. Over the last couple weeks of driving it I've actually grown to really love it. While driving it is hard to tell what it sounds like on the outside of the vehicle. After recording the video clips to make the YouTube video I knew I made the right choice.

Drone. It seems to always be a topic with exhaust systems. Yes there is some drone, a tiny bit. The drone is worse when cylinder deactivation kicks in. You hear a weird rumble sound when it does. However, it is not that bad at all. I routinely drive on the highway to and from work with cruise set to 65-70 mph and it doesn't bother me. Even with a stock exhaust you have some drone, but it is barely noticeable.

See link below to my YouTube video and new YouTube channel. Instagram account linked in my signature. Hope you enjoy!

YouTube Video
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