Mild 2011 Suburban Build

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Aug 19, 2020
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As promised over in the introductions section, here's my new-to-me 2011 4WD LTZ Suburban. I've been getting it ready to tackle the forest service trails in the Cherokee National Forest while looking for the Mighty Trout and pull our 17' Winnebago with more gusto than my 2000 ZR-2 S10. I bought this 2011 'Burb with 230,000 miles on the odo, bumper scratches as shown, knowing the radiator was leaking and the air-ride suspension was totally shot. So my mods aren't exactly mods. Let's call 'em improvements.

Cold Case 2-row all-aluminum radiator. 3" thick with integral transmission oil cooler to go with the HD tranny oil cooler in front.
Moog HD rear coils (1350 lb spring rate)
Bilstein 5100 HD shocks all around
New 32"-ish General Grabber AT-Xs on 18" 2017 Z71 Silverado wheels.
DiabloSport DOD override module

Major maintenance included plugs, wires, new PS fluid, new brake fluid, oil & filter change, transfer case fluid replaced, fluid in both diffs replaced, full transmission service, and replaced a couple of heater valves at the firewall that had started seeping coolant.

It's sitting about 2" higher than when I bought it, thanks to the longer rear springs and the ability to set the front spring perch heights to match. By most folks' standards, that's a pretty mild build. But I think I'll let it tell me what else it might need as we go along. A roof basket may be in order for the trailer spare if the wife insists on taking our bikes with us when traveling; Winnebago bumpers aren't known to hold much weight and adding bikes and a rack to the spare and its rack definitely causes issues.

I'm hopeful I've taken care of the major stuff for a while. It's already acting a lot newer...

Burb 3a.jpg

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