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    Hey everyone, so 2020 is going to be the last model year for the current gen Tahoes. Due to this the 2020 PPVs and SSVs have some changes. The first big piece is that they are on a limited production run. I believe this run is only until March/April and then they will stop production to change the tooling on the production line to the 2021 models.

    The 2020 PPVs also are now getting the chrome LTZ grilles to use up those grilles and keep production quick on these limited runs. The SSV will continue with the regular black grille with chrome accents on the outline though.

    Silverdust Metallic has been removed as a color option for both the SSV and PPV.

    Other than that those are really the only changes for the 2020 MY PPV/SSV. All codes are the same as the 2019. Sadly I don't have any good info on the 2021 MY PPV/SSV, and even if I did I wouldn't be able to release it.
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