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Mar 18, 2021
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April 27, 2021 * 36 posts * 373 views
wsteele said: So I had started another thread on my trucks loose gas cap CEL and code and it morphed into a long discussion on Ethanol percentage reporting my the truck and how it seemed to ... Read more >>
April 26, 2021 * 40 posts * 1,713 views
thompsoj22 said: Oh heck no! Sell it or keep it? An earlier post advised you to take it to a dealer " for accurate diagnosis" not for repair. You want everything that a tahoe is but without the ... Read more >>
April 28, 2021 * 13 posts * 181 views
Larryjb said: I'm seeing prices from 13000 to 20000 for 14 year old Tahoes. I got my 02 about 5 years ago when it was 14 years old, and the going rate was about $6-8000. When did they start ... Read more >>
April 28, 2021 * 14 posts * 188 views
ivan Perez said: Hey guys new member here just wanted to say hello and pick your brains on something. I picked up this tahoe a few years ago and the brakes were horrible, I tow very frequently ... Read more >>
April 28, 2021 * 15 posts * 438 views
MelloYello95 said: Picked up our Yukon Saturday morning in Wisconsin. Drove it 1500 miles back home. What a beautiful machine. Coming from a 2011 Yukon SLT, the 2021 Yukon is much bigger. Feels more ... Read more >>
April 26, 2021 * 17 posts * 305 views
Shipyard said: I've called a couple shops that use HPtuners to just change the DOD setting to keep it from V4 on a 2016 suburban. One was 350 and the other was 400. Is this really the going rate? ... Read more >>
April 27, 2021 * 10 posts * 126 views
dstaggs said: Hi, I hope someone can shed some light on this for me. I have a 2013 Yukon XL 1500 with 203,000 miles. It vibrates when driving and gets worse when braking. It doesn't do it all ... Read more >>
April 26, 2021 * 28 posts * 375 views
BG1988 said: [image] the spoiler is actually bigger as well and more down curved (sloppy attempt ) different lights as well in the rear.. The rear carried over to 2015 model.. [image] Read more >>
April 26, 2021 * 15 posts * 297 views
Tonyrodz said: I'm friends with a member outside of the forum. He sent me pics of a mod I've never seen or heard of before. I kind of like it because it's different. What do you guys think? [image] ... Read more >>
April 26, 2021 * 14 posts * 271 views
HD_LS said: On an 07-14 Denali, the AWD transfer case is a straight planetary differential with a 40% Front, 60% Rear torque split. No clutches, no viscous coupling, no locking. Always 40/60 ... Read more >>

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