Fosscore's 2006 Chevrolet Tahoe LS 4.8L 2WD FOR SALE

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Apr 16, 2014
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Fosscore's 2006 Chevrolet Tahoe LS 4.8L 2WD
80,000 miles (plus a few more from driving around town)
Asking $12,250.

I have sat on this moment for a long time, but need to put this amazing truck up for sale.

We have sold our house and are moving to Australia to be closer to my wife’s family in Sydney.
Too much paperwork and expense plus the possible conversion to right hand drive, high petrol prices and small roads to entertain shipping the truck across the Pacific.

So here we go.

My build thread starting on page 1 has the full list of all the modifications, maintenance, color match paintwork, detailing, etc...done to the truck over the last 6 years since being a part of TYF. I have also listed that front page below.

This truck is in amazing shape. The interior looks great. A few very small spots on the dash where that typical NBS top coating has rubbed off. A few interior panel scratches (mainly in the rear cargo area) and minor lower bottom door panel scuffs that are negligible. New carpet, bow tie floor mats and headliner plus all seats in great shape. No rips or tears, just general use. The 3rd row seating is not installed as I did not want to cut the carpet. The seats and the inserts are included with the truck.

The 14 year old OEM exterior paint still shines like new. There are a few small bumps and nicks/paint chips given its age. It is not flawless, but gets compliments all the time for how clean and shiny it is.

If not being driven, it is always under the cover and gets a full paint detail at least twice per year, including the normal detailing/wipe downs. The undercarriage looks great with minimal surface rust from living near the beach. The engine bay is clean with some surface rust on bolt heads and a little oxidation.

No claims, never crashed, clean title in hand and clean CarFax.

PM with any off thread questions, and we can talk/text further on mobile as needed.

My work schedule has me traveling a lot lately, however I expect to be home 8-18 June 2020 (as of this posting), then head back out again, if you are interested an.

Truck is located in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. A couple members have had trucks shipped, if you want to go the route and they will know how much it costs and companies to use.

Lots of pictures and write ups are all over my build thread here.

The list noted below is also on Page 1 of my build thread.

Modifications List as of June 2020.
80,000 miles (+ a few additional miles from driving around town)

2006 Tahoe LS 4.8L 2WD

Exterior Modifications
  • Cadillac Escalade Chrome Roof Luggage Rack (no cross rails and color matched end caps) (page 8)
  • Cadillac Escalade Rear Vent Caps/Appliques (color matched) (page 5)
  • Cadillac Escalade Passenger Side Wiper Cowl End Piece (w/o antenna hole) (page 37)
  • De-Badged
  • De-Molded
  • FM Antenna Deleted (hidden inside engine bay) (page 14)
  • Front Lower Air Deflector Deleted
  • OnStar Antenna Deleted (page 14)
  • Rear Wiper Deleted (page 30)
  • Lift Gate Hatch Handle Deleted
  • Tow Hitch was Deleted to be powder coated , then re-installed (page 29)
  • 2001 Chevy Silverado 2500 HD Hood (pages 23, 24, 32, 36, 60)
  • Color Matched Parts (Dark Ming Blue Metallic WA722J) (pages 5, 8, 9, 11, 12, 14, 21, 37)
    • Escalade Roof Rack End Caps
    • Escalade Rear Appliques/Vent Caps
    • Front Grille
    • Front Bumper Cap
    • Front Bumper
    • Front Lower Valance
    • Rear Bumper
    • Rear Liftgate Applique
    • Spare Tire Lock Cylinder Cover (page 37, 95-96)
    • Rear Liftgate Glass Push Button Ring
    • License Plate Light Lens Covers (page 37, 95-96)
    • ALL Door Handles
    • Mirrors (entire mirror housing)
    • Front Bowtie (matches silver TBSS wheels)
  • Depo Chrome Projector Headlights fitted with Vouke VK-5S 8000 lumen LED headlights (pages 14,40, 79, 80)
  • eBay Clear LED Parking Lights (non-amber) (pages 6, 7, 40)
  • Spyder LED Tail lights (with JDM Astar 1200 lumen LED reverse lights) (pages 3, 5, 73)
  • Dorman LED 3rd High Mount Brake Light (page 37)
  • LEDs Installed in OEM Fog Light Housings (page 50)
  • 5% Tint on Front Windows and over OEM Rear Windows
  • 45% Tint on Windshield (pages 97-100 multiple pictures)
  • 24x10 TBSS Wheels, Silver Machine Face w/ AC DelcoTPMS (pages 14, 15)
  • 295/35/24 Nexen Rodian HP Tires
  • Power Stop K2015 Front/Rear Ceramic Brake Pad and Cross Drilled/Slotted Combo Rotors Brake Kit(calipers painted Duplicolor Silver) (pages 10, 42)
  • Fleece Performance Engineering GM All Lights On Module (page 40)
  • Custom Tahoe Cover by CoverCraft (page 11)
  • Street Scene Polished Stainless Steel Grille Inserts, Part Number 950-79140 (pages 82, 83)
Interior Modifications
  • Replaced ALL interior door switches, dash switches and instrument cluster with Blue LEDs
  • Replaced ALL Interior Lights with "Ultra Blue" LED(pages 8, 40, 42)
  • Replaced OEM Pewter Headliner with Dark Grey (page 14)
  • Replaced OEM Pewter Carpet with Dark Grey (page 14)
  • Custom Carpet Floor Mats w/ Black Bowtie Outline on Front Mats (page 14)
  • Painted Speaker Grilles Black
  • Plasti Dip Mirror Interior (Sail Covers by A Pillar)
  • Plasti Dip Interior Door Handle Trim Cover Panels
  • Plasti Dip Door Switch Cover Plate
  • Replaced OEM Driver Seat Bottom Pewter Leather(pages 12, 13, 14)
  • Cadillac Escalade Rear Climate Control Face Plate(page 37)
  • Steering Wheel Controls Changed to Blue LEDs (page 63, 124)
  • Silver Bowtie on the Steering Wheel (page 122)
  • Escalade Shifter Handle (page 180)

Suspension Modifications
(pages 7, 19, 41)
  • NORCAL SS CUSTOM 3/5-6 Tahoe Lowering Kit(Professionally Lowered by California Custom Sport Trucks in Dania Beach, Florida) (
  • Front DJM 3 Inch A Arms
  • Front Belltech Street Performance Shocks
  • Rear NORCAL SS Custom 6" Springs
  • Rear Belltech 1-inch spacers (removed)
  • Rear DJM hardware kit:
    • Trailing Arms
    • End Links
    • Shock Extenders
  • Rear Belltech Street Performance Shocks
  • DJM Free Travel Mod
  • Spohn Adjustable Panhard Bar
  • Airlift Helper Bags 60742
  • Energy Suspension Rear Urethane Bump Stops
  • Front Ground to Fender Lip 32 7/8""
  • Rear Ground to Fender Lip 33 1/8"

Performance Modifications
  • Black Bear Performance Tune, 93 Octane (in person with Justin of BBP in Orlando ) (page 8)
  • K&N 57 Series FIPK Air Intake (pages 8, 37)
  • Flowmaster Super 50 Series Muffler
  • Genssi Dual Exhaust Chrome Tip (page 76)

Audio Upgrades
  • JVC KW-HDR81BT Double Din Head Unit
  • JL Audio XD700/5 Class D 5-Channel Amp
  • JL Audio Stealthbox 10W3v3-2 Subwoofer, (under center console)
  • EMF Audio SWAG 6.5" coaxial - crossover and tweeter retained in door
  • Phoenix Gold 6.5 inch, Rear Speakers

General Maintenance
  • Dorman Front Impact Sensor, 590-200 (10243175), passenger replaced Sept 2016 and driver May 2018 , (page 124)
  • A/C tensioner, A/C belt and the serpentine belt. (page 134)
  • A/C Belt - ACDelco 12576447
    A/C Tensioner - ACDelco 12580196
    Serpentine Belt - ACDelco 12637204
  • Moog Front Sway Bar End Links, part number K700539, (page 165)
  • ACDelco 214-1105 Vapor Canister Purge Valve(page 179)
  • ACDelco 215-464 Vapor Canister page 179)
  • ACDelco 214-2149 Vapor Canister Vent Solenoid(page 179)
  • Moog Problem Solver Inner (ES3488) and Outer (ES3493T) Tie Rods (page 182)
  • Professionally serviced at Hamill Tire and Automotive Service in Wilton Manors, Florida (
  • Oil change samples sent out to Blackstone Labs with report sheets.

Miscellaneous Info
  • Tahoe Around Town videos (page 128,166)
  • Numerous Pictures of the Tahoe throughout my build thread.
  • Full records since purchase including warranty items, service, modifications and routine maintenance.
  • GM OEM Build Sheet. (page 86)
  • Have original window sticker and owner's manual.
  • Numerous spare parts.
  • I am the second owner and purchased the truck from a previous employer who bought it new in 2006. I have been driving the truck full time since 2009 and started the build in 2014 when it had 65,000 miles on the clock.
  • This Tahoe was purchased new in 2006 and has lived its entire life in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

Thank you guys for your encouragement, keen eye, ball busting and banter. Not saying I'm going off the TYF as I still need to keep my Spotter's Thread activity up and see what you lot are doing from
Down Under.

There are many guys on the NBS and NNBS threads that even though we have never met in person, have made this build one of the best learning and fun experiences since I have been able to drive.

I will be sorry to see the Tahoe go...but she will always live on in the Fosscore spirit. :waytogo:
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Feb 16, 2015
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Big Bear Lake, ca
Aww man!! Sad day!! :( Love seeing your tahoe! Hopefully it will go to someone who appreciates and cares for it like you do! Good luck in the land down under! But don’t be a stranger in these parts! Lol


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Feb 16, 2015
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Big Bear Lake, ca
I'm sad to see you go :(, but I've always wanted to go to Australia! Gotta send us lots of pics Mike! At least they have some cool Holdens over there.
I got the chance to visit Australia when I was 13. Long ass time ago but it was awesome! It’s a really cool place! I gotta get back there now as an adult.


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Dec 18, 2015
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For sure one of my faves. Hate to see it go.

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