Avalanche Trim (long read, sorry - but would like opinions)


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Aug 20, 2009
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Rome, NY
Haven't been on the forum in a while, life has taken precedent. Don't have to sit in front of a computer filling out forms, am actually out working and living - yeah, I know, just the opposite of what everyone else is doing.

Anyway, I was walking through a salvage yard, saw an Avalanche and a Yukon XL side by side, and the rear trim around the wheelwells was taken off both, and just laying there. So, for shits and giggles, I held the Avy trim up to the XL, and it fit perfectly.

Hmmm...am now curious. So I opened the doors on both, saw that the Avalanche door trim hung about 1 1/4" lower than the bottom of the XL doors - great way to hide the rot that has infested my XL. Even though I have replacement rocker panels and door sills, I wouldn't have to be so critical with bodywork. Just cut out the rot, weld in the patches, and prime and seal - All the "repairs" would be covered by the plastic cladding.

I've gathered the pieces for both sides, from the rear of the front fenders to the back corners, including the rear bumper trim. I'll have to cut the corners off my bumper to attach the back panels, but the recessed pockets in the panels will give me a great place to mount some 4" flush mount pods.

My plan is to cut the mounting "nubs" off the trim pieces, and use self-tapping screws (evenly spaced) to hold the plastic cladding to the sheetmetal, and add Bushwacker-style cut-out fender flares over them as well. Once everything is mounted (with less than a 1/8" gap anywhere), I'll use some polyeurethane sealant (think flashing caulk for aluminum around home windows) that can be painted over to seal EVERY gap. I also am planning on using a product much like Raptor Liner to spray the entire thing (after properly etching and priming every surface), only masking off the lights, the door windows, windshield, and back hatch. Yes, I plan on spraying OVER the rear side windows - I keep tools in my truck, and it's just one more way for thieves to peek in.

Is there anyone here that is a Photoshop Master? Can you merge an Avalanche with a Yukon XL, add the cutout flares, and slap some 35's on 20's under it? If possible, do a color rendering? The color I have (about 14 gallons of material!! will be over 1/8" thick) will be almost identical to the sky blue color in the FORUMS title above (the color is called Bimini Blue).

I haven't seen ANYONE, ANYWHERE online (bunch of Google searches) that has done this, I'm really wanting something different. And to top it off, I have a buddy that is going to do me up a set of brushed aluminum badges to cover the AVALANCHE wording in the door plastics - It's going to be a LANDSLIDE Edition (another word for Avalanche).


Project Denali

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Nov 30, 2016
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YEEEEE, its no photoshop but you get what you pay for. Looks pretty cool if I must say so myself!


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Feb 21, 2010
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Brighton, CO
I like it.. But I think you would have fitment issues around the headlights and maybe the taillights, if you use the Avy bumpers.

But then again, I also own the original plastic black cladded car, a Pontiac Aztek.

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