AC issues in Houston

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    Hey guys, need a little help on troubleshooting. Here's what's going on:

    Blower motor squealed in the winter, replaced it. 2 days later the passenger floor was wet, pulled the motor, cleaned all the leaves and pine needles I could from the evaporator area, no wet floor since, big AC puddle outside behind passenger front tire now. While this was going on, every 3-4 days I'd see a small puddle of oil-y fluid under the truck, just driver side of center. It didn't smell like PS fluid, and wasn't coolant, kinda light pnk. After a good drive with AC going, I hear a draining/winding down noise at shutoff coming from the general blower motor area, is that normal? 5-10 secs usually.

    Once it started getting 95+ hot the AC felt warm and I did what any idiot does and bought one of those cans at autozone with the gauge and the bullcrap promises. That didn't help and I ended up overfilling the low side because I only had front AC running. I released the excess, got the psi in the right general area and it's held steady, only the air is still warm up front, much cooler in the back vents.
    I'm going to my dad's this weekend for gauges and a vacuum pump.

    My plan is to hook up gauges with truck off, check for equilibrium, then check gauges with both ACs running max.
    Is there a way to check compressor oil level while it's on the vehicle?
    Can I just add some PAG150 on the low side *if* I vacuum and recharge? How much?
    The compressor gets HOT, I'd like to run it properly.
    Why would rear AC be colder than front using the same system?
    I only have a fan speed control for rear AC, no temp.

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