2021 Chevy Tahoe front passenger floor mat wet, moldy, water under mat & musty odor.

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May 18, 2024
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Hello everyone. I have a 2021 Chevy Tahoe High Country with the current issue, front passenger floor mat is getting soaken wet & moldy. When i first brought the vehicle home from the Chevy Paul Masse car dealer I went to install a set of chevy oem weather mats on the following morning. But i noticed there was moisture & condensation build up & pretty wet all around the inside of the front passenger side floor, so I took pictures & video recorded it & immediately called the Chevy Paul Masse car dealer to question them about it, After speaking with both the salesperson Vincent & Manager Derek i was told it was a common issue with this type of make & model due to humidity when parked outside overnight. So I drove to the car dealer to show them. The manager who was the one who I pretty much discussed the sale with prior to purchasing the vehicle was good with assisting me at the time, but after i purchased & payed in full for this faulty vehicle, now his attitude had changed & wouldn't even want to look at me straight in the eye, when I asked him to please come take a look at the water issue in the front passenger side. Instead he said he was busy, Sent a salesperson Vincent to come check it out. The salesperson stuck to the story that it's a common issue, but not to worry because the water will evaporate & dry during the day not causing any harm to the vehicle. So although I wouldn't quite believe that story, I gave them the benefit of doubt & proceeded with installing the chevy oem weather mats set. Then within a months I noticed a musty foul odor inside the vehicle. I began looking around, couldn't find anything. So I decided to pull the weather mats set off, then noticed that the front passenger side floor rug was soaken wet & moldy. So I pulled the plastic from floor to check under the rug & found it was soaked & full of mold, also a huge puddle on the Bare floor & on the channel where the wiring harness lays which was fully covered submerged under water. I imediately took pictures & video recorded it & contacted the dealer once again to explain what i just encountered & asked i sarcastically asked if that was also common thing with this type of make & model. I Grabbed a towel to remove the excessive amount of water sitting on the channel where the wiring harness layed, then Dried it up with a hair blower. I brought the vehicle back to the dealer to be re-inspected, hoping they find the issue & repair the water leak. After several hours, They brought the vehicle out to the lot, saying it had clogged door seal & the door water batter from inside the door was improperly installed & not adhered properly when manufacturered, but that theyve corrected it. So I told them its impossible that would have been the problem because i inspected the door seals prior to bringing it over & they werent clogged, I also didnt see, feel nor heard any water stored inside the front passenger door. But either way they stuck to their story, So i once again gave them the benefit of doubt & trusted they finally fixed the problem. Now few months later, I began smelling the same musty odor & burnt fuse or burnt plastic smell coming from inside the vehicle & then noticed that my driver side folding mirror quit working. So I removed the weather mats again, noticed it was once again soaked with water & full of mold. I took more pictures & more videos, called the dealer & they attempted to ignore me. So I got a bit more serious, due to losing my patience & becoming stressed, told them I'm at the point of taking legal action. Because I felt they been extremely negligent with handling my issue with the vehicle since the very first day I noticed it, which was within 24 hours from the actual purchase date. But now they trying to convince me into believing that they did correct the problem & that this appears to be a whole new seperate issue. But, I know they're full of it & made it be known. Now I'm in the process of taking legal action since im fed up of being given the run around, Same as ive seen many others whos had water leak issues with their 2021-2023 Chevy Tahoe, Suburban, GMC Yukon with & Cadillac Escalades from those years who also been given the run around. Now with all that being said, I like to know if anyone else has found what could be the cause of water leaking into the front passenger side floor & if they found a solution to fix it, because each similar case ive found on many different forums online, say they've taken they're vehicles into the chevy dealer for repairs multiple times on seperate occasions for the same issue without any successful repair. Others say it could be a clogged drain plug or condensation build up from evaporating system making water leak inside the vehicle rather then out when using the AC with circulate air feature. I noticed that one of the AC drain plug that's on top of the transmission leaks water underneath the vehicle, but I don't see the rear drain plug leaking anything, I'm not sure if its because I don't use the rear AC much or because I keep the rear AC off. I'm also trying to find out, how many AC drain plugs or Evaporator drain plugs does these 2021 Chevy Tahoe have in total & where are they located so i can inspect them. Other than the one on top of the transmission & underneath the carriage at the very rear right passenger side. Hopefully I can find someone who can help, As well that it may be of help for others out there. Because unfortunately Chevy/GMC dealers nor the Chevy/GMC company doesn't seem to be of much help. Thank you for taking time into reading my situation, questions & concerns its greatly appreciated, God bless.

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Jul 21, 2015
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Welcome to the forum from Virginia. I’m sorry you’re having a hard time with your new rig. Your post is hard to stay with until the end so forgive me if you tried the usual issues.

Did they check your heater core? Are you losing coolant?

As for the dealer no helping, well, they’re dealers. I’d think your rig is still under warranty. Have you tried a different dealer or indy shop?

Other members that may have experienced this will also chime in.


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There is a known issue regarding sunroof drain tubes leaking...do you have a sunroof? Here is a link to that thread..it was a problem on the 2021's. Post 5 of this thread has the link to the TSB for it...your dealer should have been aware.

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