water leak

  1. iboughtatahoe23

    Water stuck in door panel? 2014 Tahoe

    I heard This water sloshing around this morning, Been raining pretty good last few days. Heard it when I stopped at a stop sign today. I read that the water is supposed to drain through the door panels but wouldn’t that cause rust inside the door panel?
  2. R

    What is behind this sound dampening material, removing fender

    Hi All, I narrowed down to the exact 2 inch area when water is introduced it causes leak in passenger end. the area is behind the sound dampening material behind fender (shown in picture, reference picture not from my Tahoe). 1. Are there any expected holes/ports behind this marked area of...
  3. R

    Passenger sided water leak - intrusion point behind fender

    I am troubleshooting water leak intrusion point, after elimination of points like windshield, door seal, door grommet, cowl air intake the likely intrusion area is behind fender. the water flowing out of cowl through the flapper drips between fender and firewall body. against the firewall body...
  4. moviewithnotitle

    Water Leak, Drivers Side

    Here is yet another water leak on the Drivers side. Kinda baffled on this one. I have never had a leak in the past. Only the drivers side footwell has water and a bunch of it. This could have been happening for a while but not sure. I have WeatherTech mats so I never noticed the moisture on...