power loss

  1. T

    Traction active

    I have a 2003 yukon xl denali. Occasionally when I take off from a stop I get traction active on the dash and loose all power. 2 years and 20ish thousand miles ago I replace both front wheel bearings with ac Delco I check both rear sensors the left appeared to seated correctly the other was...
  2. E


    I’ve got a 16 Yukon XL, just replaced a damaged water pump and a few days later this issue now arises. I’m not sure if it’s related at all, so need some insight. The rear axel, and maybe the front too, when trying to park for example, starts to lose power when I’m turning. I can feel the wheels...
  3. iboughtatahoe23

    Throttle body cleaning for 2014 Tahoe LT

    I want to clean my own throttle body, I feel like it’s pretty easy to do. But I’ve seen some guy on YouTube with a third GEN Tahoe that had to use a computer to reset the RPMs at idle after cleaning it. Is this so? And what’s your guys experience cleaning them? I feel like I’m losing power...
  4. B

    2018 Tahoe LT 4WD Intermittent Start problem, occasionally will not turn on

    After turning off the vehicle, the Tahoe sometimes loses all electrical charge and will not start, and even the power doors lock. After a few hours, or overnight, it sometimes just comes back on and starts normally again. The last time it happened, I wiggled the wire connections to the 12v...
  5. A

    Please help

    I own an 02 Tahoe 2wd. I was driving to work and less than 100yrds there I lose power at the accelerator I’m barely chugging along and my truck sounds like a combination of backfiring and popcorn popping when I press the accelerator. I made it to work parked and on idle reving the engine...

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