1. B

    Ignition 1 Signal 0 volts Engine turns over but wont start! - SOLVED

    I have a 2004 Chevy Tahoe. I’ve been having problems off and on with it not starting. Engine will turn over, but will not start. Well, its gone from intermittent to now it wont start period. I attributed this to a PASSLOCK issue since my code scanner was showing VTD Fuel Disable Active. I had...
  2. iboughtatahoe23

    So I finally changed my plugs and wires.

    Bought them last summer and just now getting to them. I have a few questions. It was a pretty easy but I noticed some of the plugs tips were ashy red, some were ashy white and some had oil on the threads. At 175k my dad keeps saying it’s normal for high miles. Need a second opinion. I was gonna...
  3. B

    05 Yukon Denail Got Broken Into

    I parked at the airport for less than 48hrs and I came back to my Yukon with evidence that someone broke in. They hammered in the exterior door look and tore apart steering column. They broke the ignition as well where the black cover is gone and the innards are all bent up. See pics. This exact...
  4. OldCrunchyTaco

    Trouble shooting ECM & Security Lock

    Hey there Y'all, I'll put the full story below, but I was wanting to know if there was a way to trouble shoot a ECM and the security lock on a 2003 Chevy Tahoe. I have a OBD scanner that can't connect to the Tahoe, but will to other vehicles. The security lock is constantly on when I try to...
  5. redwing4900

    Ignition problem 98 Yukon SOLVED!

    It looks like there are a few ignition issues popping up around the forum, here is mine. 98 Yukon 5.7L new spider injection, rebuilt engine with 32k miles on it, 210k total. It had new plugs wires and cap and rotor after the rebuild. I overheated the engine about a month ago because of a...

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