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    Back driver door window and open close switch

    At the same time, both the window regulator and the switch that tells the car, whether the door is open or closed, have stopped working. I looked at the wiring harness and clips into the B pillar, and did not see any issues with wiring, and I have looked at fuses and can’t determine any issues...
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    03 Tahoe Polished Aluminum Door Trim Restoration

    Looking for tips and product recommendations for polishing the aluminum trim on the lower part of the doors on my 03 Tahoe. They have taken on a cloudy appearance and I would like to make them shine again. I've learned from past experience that anodized aluminum is tricky to clean up, assuming...
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    Yukon Door Actuator Issues

    Just today bought a 2005 Yukon Xl SLT! What a nice ride (other than the bad u-joint vibration all the way home). The issue I am having is this: The key fob, and both front door buttons work - but ONLY unlock the front doors. They will not unlock the rear doors or the rear - rear door or...
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    New truck help

    Hey so i bought my 03 yukon xl Denali friday and i got it for a steal. Theres a few things id like to figure out and i was hoping you guys could help me before i go through a world of trouble shooting lol Both the driver and passenger heated seats when you press the button it just flashes...

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