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  1. Jeremiah_Yukon02

    How much power will my truck make after these mods?

    Ok so I have a 2002 GMC Yukon 5.3 LM7, I think the stock power rating is 285?, Where do you think I'll be with a few bolt ons like, Shorty Headers, High Flow cats, catback exhaust and a blackbear tune? 145k Miles.
  2. BlackBearPerf

    AutoCal Tip of the Week, The New EFILive AutoCal V3 Edition!

    Are you having trouble connecting the AutoCal V3 to your computer? It's more than likely because you downloaded the previous version of the V8 software. The new AutoCal V3 is not compatible with the previous version of the EFILive V8 software. You have to use the Beta version of the software...
  3. BlackBearPerf

    Last Minute Shipment of AutoCals (Current Version)

    We have five AutoCals in stock (the current version). We are including a protective hard case with each purchase. Once these are gone we will not be receiving anymore of the current version. We will be getting the new version AutoCal V3 at the end of the month. You are still able to pre-order...
  4. BlackBearPerf

    The New AutoCal V3

    We are officially sold out of the current AutoCal hardware. The brand new AutoCal V3 is on its way. It should be arriving in a few weeks. We are currently accepting deposits and those who submit their deposits before the shipment arrives will pay the current AutoCal price. After that the new...
  5. BlackBearPerf

    Spring is almost here!

    Time to get out and data log! If you have any questions about the tunes we offer, for example, our Scan Cable Tune, or the AutoCal, please let us know!
  6. BlackBearPerf

    Tuned in 2020!

    TahoeYukon Forum members, thank you so much for your continued support! We look forward to serving all your tuning and performance parts needs in 2020! If you have any questions, please let us know. We are always available here on the forum, or you can call 877-809-4070, or email us...
  7. BlackBearPerf

    Did someone say KOOKS headers?

    Attention! We have deep discounts available on in-stock Kooks headers! Message me for details.
  8. Akinshake

    Black bear tune and emissions question

    hello all, Just bought a new to me 2016 Yukon Xl Denali. I have been cruising the forum for sometime now and researching all the upgrades that I want to do. I live in Nashville Tn and we have annual emissions testing but I really want a black bear tune after reading everything on here and...
  9. B

    Shout out to Justin from Black Bear

    Had my 04 Yukon Denali Xl tuned this morning in Somerset, NJ. Justin took his time and tuned her perfectly. She runs almost she like she did when I first bought her in November 2003. It’s a major feat considering she now has 182k miles. Thanks Justin.
  10. BlackBearPerf

    Black Bear Performance Tune Event Atlanta, GA; May 6-8, 2019

    Black Bear Performance Custom Tuning is coming to Atlanta, May 6-8, 2019! - 1998-2016 GM Vehicles - Atlanta, GA - $100 deposit, $250 balance at time of tune (total $350)
- Discounts Available For details, please see Black Bear Performance is...
  11. BlackBearPerf

    Black Bear Performance Tune Event Somerset, NJ; April 24-26, 2019

    Black Bear Performance Custom Tuning is coming to Somerset, NJ, April 24-26, 2019! - 1998-2016 GM Vehicles - Somerset, NJ - $100 deposit, $250 balance at time of tune (total $350)
- Discounts Available For details, please see Black Bear...

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