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    Installed a CAI

    Very nice, I installed the K&N CAI on my 16 Tahoe and love it, makes the 5.3 sound like a V8 should
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    Gas Tank Door

    Nothing back hidden in the body, just the hinge that you can see. Might need to tweak it a little bit,
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    2015 Tahoe Dying While Driving, Fuel Gauge Not Working

    OK, stop by your local auto parts store and get a pressure gage, (Free Tool Loaner) then you can check your fuel pressure at the rail. This will at least tell you if you have fuel pressure at the rails and the pump is working. Sounds like you may need to take it to another dealer, maybe a GMC...
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    2015 Tahoe Dying While Driving, Fuel Gauge Not Working

    The fuel pump is in the module that is in the fuel tank. Not sure what you mean by just spinning and no crank. If your fuel pump module is bad the engine should still crank. You can check the fuel pressure at the rail on the engine when this happens, you should see pressure when cranking...
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    Two Tone Yukon Denali

    No two-tone options from the factory, this is a custom paint on a white Yukon or it's a wrap. But it does look good
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    How to refill DEF in Diesel Tahoe

    The DEF tank is located on the RH side inside the frame rail, the DEF filler neck runs along the fuel filler neck then across the fuel tank to the DEF tank.
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    Rear lift gate actuator

    WOW $830.00 dollars that's crazy, they must be wanting to do both sides, I only changed the left side that is powered. I didn't see any reason to change the RH side, and it is working fine now.
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    Rear lift gate actuator

    OK, received my part from Rock Auto on Saturday and it was a 15 minute job to replace. The worst part was removing the molding and trying to get it back on. The clips needed to slide out instead of being pulled out. The nice thing is the new part already had the spring clips attached so all you...
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    Rear lift gate actuator

    Here is a video that a found that shows very quickly what you need to do,
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    Rear lift gate actuator

    Ya the dealer is giving you a bunch of BS, my 16 Tahoe just had the same thing going on. I just ordered the part last night from Rockauto, $162.00 delivered. I will be doing the job myself, I did ask the dealer for a price and they said $460.00 for just the L.H. There is not any programming...
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    '15 Yukon XL SLT will not start, cluster light going crazy, engine will not shut off

    A few days ago the wife had a similar issue, she called me all freaked out with all the lights on the dash going crazy could not start the car. I had her put the key FOB in the pocket that is in the center console. All was fine, when she got home I replaced the battery in the FOB and problem...
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    What To Pay for Complete Paint Job

    Since paint jog are so expensive now you may want to look into getting the vehicle wrapped or sprayed with plastidip, that have some very cool stuff and colors out there, and the pricing will be way better than paint. Just a thought,
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    OnStar - Worth It?

    I have a limited package so I can use the app to remote start my vehicle as well as the locator service, ti's about $11.95 a month. It is mainly used in the winter time for me,
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    616 miles on the odometer and our new 2021 Tahoe LT won't start!!!! P1029 error code

    They are calling it Dynamic Fuel Management on the T1 Platform
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    TPMS - do I need the dealer to save me?

    Yep they do go bad, sounds like you just have take a dump on ya, as was stated new can had for about $50.00