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Aug 6, 2018
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Back story.......we had a 2018 Expedition that had higher miles and traded it in July 22 on a new 2022 Suburban LT using a good friend's A-plan (Exec Referral) coupon. Black LT with captains chairs, panoroof, 20" wheels and Safety package.

Suburban ran and drove fine, we didn't have any issues over 10k miles of ownership other than some glitchy CarPlay software that would "forget" a phone, render the volume knobs inop randomly, etc. Nothing major. 5.3/10 speed is peppy, gets good mpg and the Suburban has plenty of space in it.

That said, the A-Pillar blind spots on the 15+ and especially this 21+ bodystyle are enormous. Pillars are thick, mirrors (especially with the cameras on the end of them) are huge, beltline inside is fairly high......... overall, huge blind spot and we had several instances where we almost pulled out right in front of an oncoming vehicle AND had a couple scary incidents where pedestrians walked out and we didn't see them until they were literally in front of the car.

On a whim, I had my buddy who is a manager at local Ford dealer give me a trade in price on the Burb, and he offered me within $1k of what I paid for it. He had a 2019 Expedition Platinum Max on the lot that was absolutely immaculate, with 28k miles, CPO warranty, and full service records. We took it for the weekend, put 300 miles on it, and ended up trading the Burb on it. Expedition has WAY better visibility, a combination of slightly smaller A pillar, shorter side mirrors, and a slightly lower beltline. Even my 15yo daughter noticed in the passenger seat that she could see much more clearly LOL.

Here's hoping the Expedition treats us better than our last one. It's a year newer and has 1/3 the miles, so we're crossing our fingers.

In summary, the Burb is a good people hauler, but the blind spots are a deal breaker for us.

expedition.jpegThanks to all for your advice and input over the past decade (we had a 13 Burb, 14 Esky, and then the 22 Suburban).


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Aug 24, 2010
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We had a rental 2022 Expedition Max Limited and thoroughly enjoyed it. I like the updated dash design more than the standard non Denali/Escalade GM full size SUVs. I don't like the complexity of a turbocharged engine, but perhaps that's the way things are headed.

Either way, I don't think you can really go wrong with a GM or Ford full size SUV.

Because it seems there's still a shortage of new full size SUVs, it looks like I'll end up with a 1/2 ton pickup and revisit the full size SUV market 3-5 years down the road (2026-2028). By then, these SUVs would have probably gone through another 2 revisions/refreshes. I can't imagine any of them being insufficient by then.


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Jan 3, 2023
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I like the expeditions but don’t want to deal with the ecoboost long term (+150k miles.) I’d get one in a heartbeat if I could get it with the 5.0. Great looking rig

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