Original ride height for OBS Tahoe

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Dec 23, 2018
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Chicago, IL
Afternoon too all

Just a question that perhaps you all can help answer. I just removed my running boards that went from around the front wheel back to just before the rear bumper.
Now the front wheel well looks to gapped and the front looks lifted. I measured the height all around from the ground to the lip of the wheel well and got the below measurements what do I need ro do to adjust. Seems the front is out of whack .
Also I just did a full front suspension new lower ball and bushings new upper control arm shocks and sway links and rear shocks gonna get the rear springs in maybe later this summer or next spring depending on time and money.
It a 97 tahoe lt 4x4

FD 36
FP 34 3/4
RP 32
RD 32 1/4


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Feb 15, 2016
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you can either lower the front a bit to correct it or speed up the leaf spring replacement. your leaf springs are probably sagging. i dont have mine anymore but we have a few members still here with a stockish tahoe hopefully they will be willing to take a measurement for you. either way sagging rear leafs are semi common or the age and large suv.