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Sep 27, 2021
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Just thought I'd pop out my head with a Hello. Recently acquired a 2006 Suburban 2500 (No trim package, very unusual) from my best friend. Used to be a truck from Edmonton so it had a good start to life and then 200,000 km of Ontario stuck it's head into the business.

It's my first "Truck truck" considering my main vehicle outside of this is one of the smallest ones (I own two 2006 Smart Fortwo's) so driving this took some getting used to.

Body is actually still good. Had an issue with the BCM it had (Dealer messed up and killed it) so now I trying to figure out how to turn options on/off with a Custom button on the DIC ;)

I've done some simple mods (every light is LED, Headlights and Highbeams included), speakers all swapped out from originals (they were all dead except the back rear pillars and the two tiny tweeters) and the main head is now a Pioneer 2400 NEX (So Android/Apple for Navigation)

Managed to find a person giving away the third seat and pulled the brackets from a Tahoe, so it can now legally seat nine. I just need to get the correct colour for the seats to order covers from Rockauto (My are the fluffy velour ones which I don't mind because they were covered in Seat covers from day 1, so they are MINT!)

The fun part is getting some bits because this has the 120+ litre tank (Chugalug, chugalug) So Evap unit sits WAY at the back.

Already traced down my "Mystery brake light issue" which turn out to be a wire broken on the junction box on the passenger side quarter (All praise Kenny U Pull, found spares in a Yukon)

Long term thing will be getting the rear drivers quarter replaced with real metal (I had to Bondo, Aluminum Rivet to close it up for safety) and getting the front hood repainted and sides fresh rocker guarded.

But I'm happy with it so far :)

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Dec 8, 2016
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Welcome from Miami Beach!

Looks to be in overall very good condition. I would probably have a panic attack if I had sit in a Smart Fortwo. I have not seen a Smart Fortwo in years. Glad your in a nice safe Suburban now!

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