Hello 2018 Tahoe

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Feb 16, 2017
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Bought this center stop light from Pro Tuning Lab .... had to remove the fasteners from the original light and use in the replacement. The replacement had smaller studs and no (metric) nuts were supplied with the new light. Worked fine, no errors. Item # 3BL-GMCD15-LED-RD fit my 2018 just fine.

Do they offer that light in smoke/ black? I broke mine over the weekend I left my garage door closed enough to just hit the 3rd brake light when reversing


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Jun 28, 2019
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Minneapolis, MN
Hi, joined and did some research. I probably read most of the threads in this section.

Then purchased 2018 Tahoe LT with Texas Package.
Pepperdust Metallic (Gray)

A local chain that sells only nice used vehicles had a few available, I choose this one because it has Leather and 2nd row captains chairs.

It also has some other options that I don't care about. These just boosted the price. Stuff I don't care about include:
1-Sun & Entertainment package (sunroof and DVD player)
2-Texas Edition

But it does have - and I like - these options. Some of them came on the Texas Package or the Luxury Package
-Keyless (Push button start)
-MAX Trailer package - includes 3.42 rear axle, heavy duty transmission cooler, brake controller, and Z85 Suspension Package (rear air shocks)
-collision avoidance
-Second row captains chairs
-heated seats

The other contender was a 2017 in Silver, with black aftermarket wheels - although it had 10,000 miles less it had the bench seat, only the regular tow equipment, regular keyed ignition, and none of the 'fancier' options...price was $1000 less. So I went with the 2018 with more miles but higher price.... mainly chose the 2018 because of the 2nd row captains chairs, but I do consider the keyless ignition and Max trailer package a bonus.

What I plan to do:
1. Research (and install) mudflaps ... I live on a gravel/dirt road, muddy all spring.
2. Remove 3rd row seats for extra cargo capacity.
3. Replace center high-stop light. I did not notice it was broken and doesn't work. Already ordered $45 non-OEM light and watch a youtube.
4. Purchase retractable cargo cover (if I can find black at a reasonable price)
5. Temporary tag is taped in the rear window .... install cool "license plate" for the front AND rear ... wait until last day of temp tag to put on the real plate (rear plate only in the state where it is registered).

Finally, I should of pulled all the dealer photos from their website.... once I got home they had already deleted the webpage of the vehicle.
IMOH - Only buy if it is a 6.2 engine and 10 speed transmission. The rest of the criteria is small fry.

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