Front suspension sag with plow

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Feb 9, 2023
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I have a clean white 1998 chevy tahoe 5.7 liter past 100,000 mile marker with a 7 1/2 foot universal western plow, has two batteries with the larger alternator and an isolator for the batteries, this is my winter daily and long time "years"plow truck only, come summer its parked, first off good luck finding front Monroe air shocks i gave up, i have them on the rear of my 90 silverado love them but dont make them for the front they should that would be ideal, and if you do happen to find em let me know, 2nd my set up is torsion bars cranked all the way the weight of the plow will bring it back down to just below stock height and no it wont be a stiff ride or bouncy, the camber in the winter hasn't eaten up my tires at all, i did look into putting on 3/4 tortion bars but they wont fit into that 1/2 ton lower a arm, to much $$ for that arm swap, then theres the rubber bumps from Amazon,

Timbren GMFK35C Suspension Enhancement System​

you'll get about an 1" back up from the sag and it will help prevent bottoming out depending how fast you drive over speed bumps and of course the taller the tire the better, also the tahoe works great for full time plowing 5.7 liters a champ, i do residential no commercial property. Hope this helps


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