Diablosport i2 on the way! Any settings recommendations?

Discussion in 'Performance' started by miatawnt2b, Apr 25, 2018.

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  1. miatawnt2b

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    Apr 4, 2017
    I pulled the trigger on a Diablosport for my 2012 Escalade ESV. Does anyone have a good starting point for tweaking things or should I just go with the pre-programmed tunes? I don't do any towing, car is just a daily driver, mostly suburban setting, stop, go to 40-50, stop again. Looking for a nice smile on my face tune with good drivability.

  2. Galante

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    Nov 6, 2016
    Up here
    I have 91? or 93 tune on mine.... meh.... im no tuner.... @kbuskill Can chime in on this...ken?
  3. kbuskill

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    Mar 11, 2017
    N.E. FL.
    I wish I had a 6.2L to tune.... lol

    Seriously though...

    I installed the 87 canned tune at first with the firm shift and it was better than no tune.

    I drove with that for probably a year and then installed the 91 canned tune with firm shift. It wasn't a real big difference but I had a lot of spark knock with it under WOT. Probably due to running 89 octane because 91 isn't available around here and I wasn't gonna pay for 93 because I am a cheap bastard.

    I finally bit the bullet and payed the money to have Lew at Diablew do a custom tune for me.

    It is well worth the money in my opinion to have it custom tuned. He does it basically the same way that BBP does with there autocal.

    You take a log, while cruising on the interstate 70-80 mph steady driving, with the I2 and email it to him and he will tweak the tune and send it back. You install the new tune and drive for 150+ miles to get your fuel trims levelled out and then take another log and send it to him.

    The process continues until he gets it dialed in and then you get a WOT log and send it in and the process continues until he is happy with the outcome.

    He also adjusts the transmission settings which is a big part of the tune and really makes a big difference.

    With yours being a 2012 and a 6 speed he may be able to tweak more settings. Mine is an 08 with the 4 speed.

    It is definitely better than a canned tune.

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