Could Really Use some Guidance - Engine Swap

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May 14, 2017
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About the easiest upgrade in power is swap in a 7.4 96-99 with 96 computer.. Otherwise it's blowers of some sort $$.
The 350 works well in these and a tune will help driveability(adds little power) but not hurt gas mileage.
Just so you are aware, 96 computer has 5 plugs. 97-99 4 plugs.


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Jan 23, 2019
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Hello All! This is my first time posting, however I have occasionally have browsed the forum from time to time over the years. For the past hour I have used the search feature to find a post that would answer a lot of the questions I have listed below, I know there are threads out there but I have been useless finding it up to this point so I apologize for creating yet another post I am sure has been answered numerous times!

My brother has a 96 suburban with the 5.7, the truck is immaculate especially for it being over 20 years old however the engine has high miles and is wore out. We have talked about doing an engine swap to a newer truly fuel injected engine for awhile but have never pulled the trigger. Unfortunately without going into any details we have recently received some news that is the worst of nature and now i am afraid we are on a countdown timer. Which brings me to the point of this post, I am going to do any and everything it takes to perform a successful engine swap for him to enjoy & hopefully for a long time.

But i need some guidance, as far as being mechanically inclined I have been working on cars/hot rods since i was 12. My grandfather raised me and taught me everything i know, so i am capable and can hold my own but honestly I am just lost right now. I know i can do my research and over time I am sure I can figure out what I need to know, but due to the circumstances I am putting a call for help out into this community of like minded enthusiasts. So I have listed what i think is the first questions I need help answering, I know nothing in life is free and I am sure everyone on here would help without asking for anything in return but due to the importance of this request and the time crunch I am under i have no problem paying someone for there time if they can help guide such as creating my shipping list of things i need to purchase as-well as the specifics of making another engine run.

- What engine should I get to replace the 5.7 with minimal programing, changes, additional parts, etc. Basically the most bang for my buck
- The truck has 4wd but has not worked since he bought the truck so would it make sense to delete it, or would it even matter with the engine swap
- The Transmission & Rear end are stock but have both been replaced with factoryt rebuilds in the last two years with less than 10K miles put on them

Again I will apologize posting this knowing the info is somewhere on here, just could really use some help being pointed into the right direction fellas! Looking forward to any and all help, if anyone wants to take me up on my above offer just PM me and we will get the ball rolling.


I go by the Jasper plant from time to time and often visit their annual car show in Jasper In. The quickest, easiest, and time considered along with modifications, cheapest route is to swap and drop a Jasper rebuild in the truck. Many years ago, Jasper had rebuild issues but around 1980 or so they REALLY tightened quality control. I've only heard of one failure due to rebuild defects since then.

Myself, I'd drop an SB400 in it or go with a 454, but you're in a time crunch so the direct replacement is the way to go. As a bonus, they often over bore the block by 0.020 to clean the bore so you get slightly more displacement to boot.

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