Buying a used Tahoe - possibilities

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Nov 19, 2021
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Northeast Ohio
09 Tahoe LTZ have 6.2L option and No AFM. Also in 11 the seats are firmer design and door cards design changed to a less sturdy version. Hard to find, but getting a 405hp L9H is a 300k+ mi platform.

Came here to say this - this is the route I went with an '09 LTZ 6.2 a little over a year ago. '08 Tahoe LTZ also had 6.2 option, but it was rwd only. 09 was nice in that you could get it in 4WD with the 6.2 L9H. '09 was also flex fuel which is a nice perk - even though the mileage goes down, there's still savings realized vs premium fuel, at least in my area. 09 L9H Tahoe's are indeed getting hard to find - I ended up buying mine sight unseen from the other side of the country and had it shipped to me. You could also go Yukon Denali or Escalade from 2009 and get the L9H without having to hunt as hard. As mentioned above though, it has a reputation of being a solid motor which made be comfortable buying one with 140k on the clock.