3.5 month review!

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Aug 21, 2021
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So with being about the same Tim as I had my 2021 Premier for….just over 3.5 months I can give some hopefully constructive feedback. Some items may not be better or worse just different. Trust me if there is a major dislike I am not afraid to call GM out on it. Accordingly I can also pass on praise if items are noteworthy good or bad.


1. Design, modern look but still keeping aerodynamics or at least as aerodynamic a $75K 6000+ lb. Mobile living room can be.
2. Features, this can be subjective but over all equipment and features are handy and for the most part easy to operate. Some items are more embedded in the settings menu than I prefer but there.
3. Technology, a pretty decent overall balance of safety and convenience features.
4. Ride/handling, good view, smooth and quiet ride. For a 6K+ vehicle with a truck based platform the ride is surprisingly smooth/. Yes MRC and IRS is a factor but also consider this is the off-road package of this fleet. I haven’t gone to anything more than a gravel driveway yet but still.
5. Wow Factor, I still get looks at the car wash, work, and out and about. The Midnight Blue with the Z71 blacked out accents make a excedllent combination. I would have never thought I would blackout a vehicle but in this case it works. For the MIdnight Blue with black accents it is almost a insult not to keep the theme as in tires, tint, anything else to help keep the darked out theme. I can also honestly say it is not Black.
6. Internal Storsage, Yes I know I counted this as a Jeer but hear me out. For some light volume/density items….cell phone for example. I counted about ten different storage options for the cell phone all within easy arms reach for the driver. Nine of the ten DO NOT result in a shrapnel hazard. For the leave the charging pad on the center console arm rest co ver…BAD Idea…..perfect Shrapnel hazard in accident….unless the accident is causedd by the driver having the phone in their hand which is another matter entirely.


1. Navigation I still would rather have the built in and pay up front for the system and save the monthly subscription. Not nece better or worse just different and takes some getting used to. I will admonish GM for not using SIRIUS XM Travel Link like they do with Ford and FCA (CDFJR). That is a nice feature and I could get the $6.99/mo. value with the weather radar and enroute fuel prices alone.
2. Internal Storage, wasted opportunity with not having the rmovable tray for the center console. I personally don’t buy how having the sliding console makes a difference in whether the removable tray is included. Bad move IMHO on removing two overhead console features. 1. Retractable Sunglass bin and 2. Folding convex mirror. Although I don’t have children I liked the previous generation models for monitoring my Dog during road trips…..…”Scout Cam” if you will. Had previous generations as rentals and not going to lie, I got spoiled….not as much as Scout did during trips, but it was a nice feature.
3. A fairly common noteworthy item on many minds is the last of some fairly basic but important items that were removed for 2021/22. 1. Removal of Fog Lights and 2. no power pedal adjustment.
4. Another fairly common safety item that although I didnt use much but still grapsed the concept and operation of….Adaptive Cruise Control. Should be available on all levels even if either part of package or stand alone option.
5. Heads Up Display (HUD). Again should at least be available again either stand alone or part of secondary option package.
6. Internal Rear view Mirror, Useless. Simple’s as that, I could never get it adjusted for a proper view. Either too low or high, left or right. Even the rear view mirror camera was useless. I found a clip on wide angle panoramic and works much better.
6. Active Fuel Management indicator. Both of mine (21 Premier/22 Z71 were part of the NO Auto Stop/Start……Thank you GM. I either don’t have AFM or lost the indicator. Previos generations had a display on the Drivers Instrument Cluster who that mode (V8/V4).
7. Wireless Charging, the charging pad is located in just such a position that it can be dangerous. It is only a matter of time before either the pad or phone gets damaged. With no phone there, perfect opportunity for something besudes the phone to either short out the pad, phone or both, I would not be surprised is someone has already or will eventually report a fire. Simple solution would be having a hinged cover, more perma solution would be use a separate compartment that maybe slightly out of the way for reach….wait a minute….make it more complcated for drivers to access a tool for distracted driving……we could be on to something, this could catch on.
8. Infotainment Screen, the projecting out of the dashboard looks cheap and aftermarket. Simple as that. Yujon Denail managed to route the instrument panel around the screen….enough said!
6 Rear Seay Entertainment, I got the RSE for the Z71…I didnt want it but one of the last deliveries that came in stock before Zchristmas and before the next round of constraints hit. My initial search was 6.2 without RSE but this came on property and dealer called my bluff on being in stock. I got just the opposite (5.3/RSE). Biggest complaint about the RSE is no way to remove The screens and brackets. Sub e I dint use them I would be perfectly happy with removing, placing in safe storage and re install for trade in. The only way I see immediately would be get the seats out of a NON RSE model. Fortunately I have Black interior so even removing and making a patch piece of Velcro to cover any wiring holes should be easy.

I have not done my fuel endurance test yet but I suspect it would be abiout the same range as the 21 Premier…(400 mile loop……200 Out 200 back)

Overall a great model, some quirks but I expected that going in. I wont get into the fuel economy discussion no need. I knew going in that it was a V8. Like I stated before its a 6000+ mobile lifting room simple as that.

Sidebar. There are seven emergency exits on this vehicle…..can anyone name all of them?


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Oct 8, 2022
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I knew going in that I was not getting ACC. I will miss it. it worked flawlessly on my Mercedes ( traded on this Tahoe). Ditto on the HUD. Misds both items some but not the deal breaker.

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