04 trailblazer electricil trouble

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Nov 2, 2010
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Elberton Georgia
i have a 04 t.b sle 4600 engine speedo gets stuck on dif speed while sitting still one time its on 60 next time its 120, is a recall on instemt cluster run out at 70.000 mine has 107.00 took to dealer ship. They said were going to take cluster out.get part out they needed and order it.275. up front,then when part *** in bring back in and fix. would be 500.00 out the door...got it there and they took out,said was not the cluster.put gps tracker on it drove it and said it was fine could not find problem,said we had a electril problem???????? ok drove around 30 miles same problem again...plus my key in switch dinger will work sometimes it wont . key wont work n drivers side door wont unlock, speakers in door go in and out.was 75.00 that time.going to take back.mon.morning.allso tellin me if i order a cluster which is 350.00 i have to let dealer program it????? where do i turn.going out of town end of month dont want to be stranted side of road....all this fancy computer stuff dealershit has to tell you what is wrong and they say a electrial problem??????? that covers from front bumper to rear bumper.any help will be glady accepted.is there a complant line right to g.m i can call.3ed genration of g.m owners,but starting to wonder if the japaneese got it right>>>> help please....


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Sep 28, 2009
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Northern Ontario, Canada
I too have an 04 TB EXT LS for my wife's DD.

I can't help you on the electrical problems, but THESE guys can.

I recently found and signed up with trailvoy.com. It's like TYF but for the 360 platform.

Check it out, I'll bet those guys can/will help you. Just expect a little bit of razzing from them though. They are not as nice as the TYF guys.

EDIT: Trailvoy has owners manuals and wiring diagrams etc for your truck. They may help you as well.

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