1. C

    Back driver door window and open close switch

    At the same time, both the window regulator and the switch that tells the car, whether the door is open or closed, have stopped working. I looked at the wiring harness and clips into the B pillar, and did not see any issues with wiring, and I have looked at fuses and can’t determine any issues...
  2. Damnali541

    Is there a way to open only the glass on rear hatch of 08 Denali?

    I have googled and read the entire manual and cannot find a way to open just the glass of the rear hatch instead of the entire door... Is the glass handle just there for looks?
  3. PatDTN

    Left rear window hits bottom with a thump

    I'm guessing I've lost some kind of rubber bumper in the window track. Is this something folks here deal with? Is there an easy fix? The same door has a switch issue where the window switch won't go up but it works fine from the driver panel. Searching shows maybe I can just take the switch...