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    Yukon Diesel + Maximum Tow Package - Anyone??

    Hi, I'm looking for a Yukon SLT or Denali with a Diesel and the Maximum Trailer Brake Controller (Tow Package). It seems to be impossible to get that combination, especially with model years 2021 & 2022. Does anyone have that combination? I would like to be able to comfortably tow a travel...
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    How to determine Towing power?

    We are looking for a used 2010-2014 Yukon XL. We would be open to Suburban if we could reach our towing power needed. We need it to be able to pull around 7,000 lbs. What I am running into is that I can find no easy way to determine pulling power. For example, if I'm looking at a 2011 Yukon...
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    2021 Yukon Denali Brake Controller Harness Plug?

    Ok so we ended up with the Tow Package, but not the integrated brake controller... The harness came along with instructions hinting at where to look to connect it. I've spent well over an hour up under the dash and cannot find it. It's not a large space and I'm pretty sure that if it was there...

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