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  1. 9

    2021 9C1 PPV Tahoe

    Hello! Just wanted to say hello and post a pic of my new whip. She hasn't got a name yet. She's a 2021 9C1 PPV Tahoe and only had 4,000 miles and 100 total engine hours when I got her. She's been a blast! I've owned a few 9C1 PPV vehicles over the years. She was never owned by a government...
  2. F

    2013 Tahoe PPV Purchase

    Hello all! First time posting here, been lurking thru some threads here and decided to make this thread to get some opinions on a vehicle purchase I have been considering. A few weeks ago I saw a '13 PPV listed for sale in my area thru a small local dealership that bought several govt...
  3. TheGregory

    Soon to be a Tahoe owner and I'm ecstatic.

    Currently fixing my DD, a 2017 Grand Cherokee Ltd, to trade it in for a Tahoe. My father had several Suburbans over the years, and ever since I saw police departments utilizing the Tahoe as a fleet truck, I fell in love with the idea of a mobile armory, so the goal is to acquire a 4th Gen...
  4. A1251R

    Hello from the crime capital of the midwest (St Louis)

    My first truck was a '77 Silverado 4x4 and it was probably the best truck I've owned. I now have a 2016 Tahoe PPV which I am in the process of upfitting for work. It's taken a little getting used to as my previous vehicle was a '16 Interceptor Utility with dual turbos. Some ****** crashed into...
  5. 1

    Drivers Information Center

    I’m trying to locate the trim panel that goes around the DIC buttons. I’m adding the DIC to my 2012 Tahoe PPV i need the numbers for the silver trim

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