1. iboughtatahoe23

    Time to start saving up for rebuild or new transmission?

    2014 Tahoe LT 166k miles 6L80e transmission Idk how many threads I’ve made about my transmission… in February I bought 2014 Tahoe with 166k miles and was having weird and rough shifts after about a week or so, I took it back to dealership and they said transmission fluids were dirty (after...
  2. S

    4l60e rebuild many options

    I made a post on here a while back around Christmas with some questions about my transmission that lost some gears and got some really knowledgeable input from some great people. As of that post the 3rd and 4th gear were unavailable with slipping in 2nd. Since then, my step father took it on a...
  3. P

    2005 Suburban Z71..When to repower rebuild? Newbie

    Hello everyone! My ride is a 2005 suburban Z71 current odometer is around 183k. 20” 275/60’s, flowmaster exhaust, spectre intake installed. 2” leveling kit in the box and some 295/65/20’s on deck for summer. Classic rust in rear quarters and bumper which I have the replacements for. We are a...

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