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  1. NewbWrench

    2015 Rear entertainment sound through speakers

    Recently bought a 2015 Yukon XL Denali and wanted to try the rear entertainment. When I was driving the vehicle initially I hit the media button on the front center console while driving and the DVD sound came through the speakers. I was parked yesterday and hopped in the back seat only to find...
  2. SBCv8

    '09 Yukon Denali - Rear screen doesn't turn off.

    Howdy folks. I just installed a new double din Pioneer head unit (DMH-241EX) and a Crux (CRUX SOOGM-16) wiring harness/device that retains all the stock functionality. I'm using the Axxess GMRSAV harness to send the video signal to the rear monitor. Lastly, I have the Micro Bypass wired in as...
  3. S

    23 Yukon Denali Rear Entertainment screen issue

    Hello. I bought a new 2023 Yukon XL Denali a month ago with the rear entertainment package. The screens were working fine until today. The touch functions stopped working. If I touch the driver side screen it controls the passenger side. The passenger side does not work at all for touch. I do...
  4. N

    2022 Suburban Rear Entertainment Constraints

    As of last Saturday went and looked at two different 2022 Z71 suburbans at two different dealers. Neither had rear entertainment which is on the list of must haves. I did a quick search online and saw no 2022 with rear entertainment. Which was present on pretty much every 2021 listed as a used...
  5. R

    Replacing HDMI port in rear entertainment control

    I’m trying my best to take apart the rear controls on the back of the center console. I’ve purchased a new hdmi and usb part to replace the old, but I cannot figure out how to take the rear of the console apart. Does anyone have a video or some kind of “how to” to help? I can find a diagram or...
  6. 2019YukonXLowner

    2019 Entertainment system mirroring iPhone

    Hi! I have a 2019 Yukon XL Denali & the DVD system is mehhh. I would love to mirror my phone or iPad (Disney+, DirectTV Stream, etc.) to my rear screens. What adapters, cords, etc. do I need? Is it just an HDMI to lightning cord? Thanks!
  7. C

    2005 Tahoe RES not working after replacing headliner

    I just had my headliner replaced and when I got my Tahoe back my rear entertainment system was not even turning on. I took it back to make sure it was plugged back in correctly and it was. It was working fine when I dropped it off. Also, my infotainment lights quit working as well. I have...
  8. T

    Video On Both Aftermarket Headunit And Stock Rear Entertasinment

    Looking for info on being able to have the same video played on both the rear entertainment screen and a aftermarket Pioneer head unit. I have a 06 Tahoe Z71 that has the stock Panasonic rear entertainment and it also came with a aftermarket Pioneer head unit installed. I’m trying to figure...

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