1. D

    Recent purchase of 2012 Suburban

    On the drive home the engine light came on and we had a scan done - P0700 Transmission control system malfunction, P2535 High voltage in ignition switch circuit, P2610 Engine off timer performance, oil pressure sensor unit or wiring unit. The remote start doesn't work and after research we...
  2. B

    Crankshaft position variation system learn procedure issues

    Hello, so I changed my ECM and it's programmed to my vehicle BUT when I try to do the procedure with my scanner it gets close to 4000 RPM says testing and then goes back to the WOT screen and doesnt complete. When I take the scanner off I can go to 4000 rpms and hold it there. Trying to figure...
  3. B

    ‘07 tahoe misfire & More!

    Needing Help! I have a 2007 Chevy Tahoe LT 5.3L V8 Ive owned it for 2 years after about a month of owning had a Cyl. 7 missfire, new plugs / wires, no fix, went down the entire rabbit hole and found a stuck valve, now i sit here today, absolutely stuck, still having a missfire (cyl 1 & 6), EVAP...
  4. OldCrunchyTaco

    Trouble shooting ECM & Security Lock

    Hey there Y'all, I'll put the full story below, but I was wanting to know if there was a way to trouble shoot a ECM and the security lock on a 2003 Chevy Tahoe. I have a OBD scanner that can't connect to the Tahoe, but will to other vehicles. The security lock is constantly on when I try to...
  5. B

    Diesel Engine Incorrect Calibration? N212355140

    Hey all, The wife has her 2022 Tahoe booked in for the 2nd complimentary oil change tomorrow at our local dealer. She just mentioned the dealer advised that there was a recall in place for “Diesel Engine Incorrect Calibration”, and that it would be recalibrated. Not sure what that entails, I...
  6. E

    addicted to software updates - what to say to get them from Dealer?!

    Have: 2017 Yukon XL SLT; Need: software updates to anything/everything available (intelliLink, ECM, TCM, etc); Why: I'm a believer in keeping tech updated with the newest patch/upgrades to receive the best performance and features possible. Seems reasonable to do this to my Yukon as well. Plan...
  7. GTHoe

    Electrical trouble, please help! 2000 tahoe

    Hello everyone, this is my first post here and I'm hoping someone can help because I have found a great deal of help here before! I have a 2000 Tahoe that I just put a t56 into so the auto is unplugged just for some back story. I go to fire it up after the install there is no power at the dash...
  8. M

    Anybody Flash an ECM after a tranny swap?

    Hey all, As my new engine gets the machine work done, I decided to look into the transmission. The 6L80e has over 131k on the clock and the fluid was definitely 'cloudy'. Decided to get a reman transmission shipped to the door. The company says I need to get the ECM reflashed to match the...
  9. C

    2008 Tahoe STILL has misfire. Please send help

    Hey Y'all, March 2020 we installed a new motor and ECM ($3500) in our 2008 Tahoe LTZ 5.3. Took it to the dealership to have the computer programmed and they also changed an actuator in the transmission. (Got locked into park while it sat during motor install) ($2100) Dealership also told us...
  10. P

    2001 Chevy Tahoe LS Cutting off turns over but then will start in a few mins also if I shake harness

    Hello my name is Geoff I have a 2001 Chevy Tahoe 5.3 with 277k miles When I first bought the car it ran rough in the morning and some times even cut off due to low idle so I changed: The MAF sensor, Plugs and wires, all 8 injectors. This seemed to help some but when it was cold out it would...
  11. S

    Ecm-1 fuse issues

    i have a 1999 c3500, 5.7 4l80e I was messing around in the fuse box the other day and accidentally pulled the ecm-1 fuse and it shut the truck down. Ever since I haven’t been able to get the truck to start again. When I first crank it she tries to start but as soon as it does it dies again Was...

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