2022 tahoe

  1. T

    Can someone with a 2022 Tahoe video their tilt adjust steering wheel in motion?

    I've got my Tahoe in to the dealer to fix a slew of issues along with a retrofit as well as recall. One issue is that my tilt adjust steering wheel makes a weird noise when moving in and out compared to the up and down movement. When moving up and down, you hear the motor running, but it's...
  2. T

    Is there any possibility that Chevy adds the Adaptive Cruise Control feature in the future to models that don't come with it?

    I've got an LT with the technology upgrades, e.g., parking sensors, surround view, etc. yet the adaptive cruise control feature was not an option until you get up into the higher trims which were out of my price range. To me, it seems asinine to not have ACC standard. My wife's 2014 SUV has it...
  3. T

    2022 Tahoe: Rear-end collision now issues with liftgate window. Anyone got a '22 to help me compare?

    After being rear-ended, I've had my vehicle in to fixed because a handful of things were done wrong or sloppy. I got it back today and the back liftgate window still isn't right I don't think. The collision center tells me they adjusted it but it still isn't right and it may be worse now than...
  4. T

    Issues with 2022 Tahoe LT? Anyone else?

    1. The new infotainment system is buggy as all get out. At random times (happened a few times now) it will get confused and the volume up/down only controls navigation volume. My audio will be completely stuck at whatever volume level it was at and turning it up or down only shows "navigation...
  5. G

    New Tahoe 2022 RST Owner

    Hello Everyone, New 2022 Tahoe RST owner. Is there anything I should get for the vehicle or anything I should look out for?
  6. R

    2022 tahoe

    What's this
  7. CBDFW1984

    2022 Tahoe Z71 with Nitto Recon 285/60R20's installed

    I can't find the post but wanted to follow up- Here are the after photos of the 2022 Tahoe Z71 with 285/60R20's NITTO Recon grappler's installed. No rub, no problem at all. Looks much more aggressive than the Goodyears that were on it. No road noise from what I can tell either.
  8. S

    2022 Tahoe RSE Issues

    I purchased the 2022 Tahoe on October 27th. When I bought it, the rear media system had APPS included. APPS like, YouTube, YouTube Kids, Hulu, etc. The apps were automatically loaded into the rear media without having any devices plugged in (such as a Roku or firestick). I loved that feature. It...
  9. B

    Lets talk MSRP

    Hello all, Newly joined here, currently ordered 2022 Tahoe just this weekend and wanted to get a feel on how everyone is doing as far as price concerns and to see if I am paying too much. I ordered 2022 Tahoe premier plus premium package with black bowtie and name. What dealer asking is...
  10. M

    Anyone have more pictures and videos of the 2022 Tahoe in Dark Ash Metallic and Midnight Blue Metallic?

    So far these colors are so rarely seen online or on youtube. I seen a few examples on here but hoping to see more like in and out of the direct sunlight. I originally ordered a 2021 in Shadow Gray Metallic and that color was nice because it is darker then the Steel Metallic but not too dark...

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