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    1. kurtibm
      I have a Summit White '15 Tahoe LT with no turn signals or power fold. I would like to add the Esky mirrors for the SIZE, but miss the turn-signal-in-mirror that my '03 Z71 had.
      I notice that you may have the mirrors as well as any know-how to accomplish this task.
      What do you feel the swap will run, getting the appropriate parts from you?
    2. David Galetar
      David Galetar
      Hey Matt, you there???
    3. David Galetar
      David Galetar
      SWITCH LINK: Can't find one less then 420 characters! :-(
    4. David Galetar
    5. David Galetar
      David Galetar
      Cmatt, looks like u r da man when it comes to tow mirrors! We’re trying 2 add ext. tow mirrors to 1 of our '07 C-3500 Stake Body trucks. Problem-didn't come with ANYTHING power! We already purchased these mirrors (link to follow), this switch (link to follow), and a harness for the switch from the dealer. Were wondering if u could provide for us some sort of wiring diagram to do this. (VIN: 1GBJC34U87E106420) Thanks!
    6. bourgeois
      Can you send me more info on the wire harness for the 2015 LED tahoe. Also, does this harness work on aftermarket HID kits?
    7. DenaliBQ
      Hey Matt any chance you can make or know where i could get an extension harness to relocate my ACC radar module on my 2016 yukon denali i put a setina bar on and want to move it to a better location
    8. Boilers1
    9. Rob76116
      Hey Matt I am trying to swap the halogen headlights to oem HID on my ‘17 Tahoe. I read your previous post about it not being a direct plug and play. Any advice on how to get these bad boys working? Thanks
    10. GMJay
      Hi cmatt! Question, I have a 2016 Yukon Denali that I am adding the HUD to which it only came with the forward collision alert. I have the new hood, hud switch, left air outlet and HUD unit but it's not plug and play. I read you created your connections and would like to see how you did it and also do you think that my denali would already be programmed to run the hud since it already has the denali cluster?
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