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    Key not recognized

    Reprogram key fobs ?
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    2023 Tahoe Z71 in Silver Sage Metallic

    Does that have a hint of green in the color? good luck with her
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    Who to contact about my missing parts

    My dealer got the module necessary for my mom’s equinox. It is vin specific. She got the car 4 months ago, if that helps anyone with a timeframe.
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    Any regrets when getting rid of OnStar and/or truck’s Wi-Fi?

    The only thing I like OnStar for is the my Chevy app. So I can start the car.
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    Which days for GM orders

    The dealer can help you build and place the order anytime. The dealership’s ability to get allocation and move the order along is Thursday.
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    Who to contact about my missing parts

    This is what I was told. the dealership wanted the letter and the vin number of the vehicle. They would order the parts specifically for the customers car.
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    Colors for your appreciation dark ash gray midnight blue Sterling silver
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    Need advice on my potential Yukon purchase situation

    I traded in a 2017 Tahoe. Got $45k on a truck with 24k on the clock. Perfect condition ltZ. They marked it up to 47k. It’s still on the lot. Used car prices are coming down. Cost of fuel coupled with rising interest rates and increased new car inventory is going to suppress the values of used...
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    Throwing in the towel!

    trying to get a corvette now will be next to impossible from what I understand
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    Throwing in the towel!

    In my case, the tahoes I ordered were adjusted to meet the constraint list several times. No max trailering or floor liners etc etc but the dealer got no allocations. I wouldn’t adjust below premiere’s though.
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    Throwing in the towel!

    I’ve built 2 21 tahoes 2 22 tahoes 1 22 suburban and now 2 23 tahoes. I got 1 21 Tahoe. I built them and the dealer submitted the order. All premiers. All except 1 never moved forward. I’m about ready to give up on Chevy myself. If I was a caddy guy, they’d build whatever I wanted. 3...
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    Wheel alignment question

    if you look at the steering column through the dash hump, to me it usually looks like the steering column cants left. For this reason. I use the chevy logo on the airbag and set my own perception of straight. I’ve gone so far as to use a level The trick is to get that balance. The sweet...
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    Wheel alignment question

    Thanks for the replies. As the Tahoe goes faster, the steering tightens up. So at slow speeds it is easier to turn from end to end. I’m thinking if the front wheels are angled just a little more inward/ \ the steering will tighten up
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    Wheel alignment question

    The steering on my 22 equinox is very tight. The same as my 2019 equinox how can I get the steering on my 21 Tahoe to be tighter. less play.
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    Magnetic Ride Control vs Air Ride Suspension

    My premier has mag ride but no auto ride

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