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    Looking for 22 inch Denali Rim

    My LF rim is leaking air bad0 peeling chrome. Want to replace it,,,, Ebay wants a ton for a new one and just under 300 for a used one. If someone has one to sell email me at [email protected] g mail Thanks
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    There are 2 SUV's going up for auction 1/13 in Mich. These are repo's with a lot of miles- but a Suburban went for 12k last week,,,,plus fees....These have a LOT of hair on them but MAY be of interest... I have NO affiliation....
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    2007 suburban service Stabilitrack &TC light on

    Probably battery/volts etc. Clean the battery terminals and the ground connetctors foirst... The advice above is good to///
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    0-20w oil

    I agree, Wix is better than AC. I am only pointing out that A dealer has to honor warranty with the AC. I got hosed because the filter I had was a Wix.
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    0-20w oil

    I would add to use AC filters. I had an issue with a Wix- pinhole leak- and dealer did not cover cleanup cost....crappy of them but lesson learned. I like Wix filters but under warranty I would stick w/ AC
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    Battery size

    The taller battery may have grounded out on the body brace.
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    Sunroof Wont Close - Bad Motor?

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    Sunroof Wont Close - Bad Motor?

    Bad solenoid...
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    What did you do to your NNBS GMT900 Tahoe/Yukon Today?

    I remeber I bought mine from Rock Auto it was around $ 220.....
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    New here, just ordered..

    Welcome and good luck with order...
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    New to the Forum 2007 Denali

    I love those Aurora's, ahead of their time. Just the pesky electrical issues. You bsically have to use the Arnott air shocks for the rear auto-ride and a pump ( usually they are froze up) from Rock Auto- 50$ core refund...Front struts replace the shock portion.
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    New to the Forum 2007 Denali

    2007 has no afm if its a 6.2 You can get higher output alternators like 165 amp or more.
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    Current Constraints

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    Atf in fuel tank to clean injectors.

    Chevron Techron....
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    22 Yukon sitting at dealer waiting for rims

    OK wasnt sure they werent like the temp spares.....

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