EFI Live AutoCal Tuner - SOLD

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Jun 18, 2016
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Western Mass
I have an EFI Live AutoCal unit currently listed up on Ebay.

To be perfectly honest, I purchased this off ebay myself. It was poorly listed, and the seller didn't know what they had or what it was. I already have used AutoCal unit from Black Bear, but couldn't pass up the deal on this one when I saw it was near ending with no bids on it. I'm hoping to use the cash from flipping this one to put towards finally ordering a Black Bear tune for my Yukon.

I contacted EFI Live with the serial number and they informed me that it was purchased and resold through ATP Trucks. I contacted ATP to see if they allow units that they have sold to be unlinked from their license for use with other tuning companies. Dustin at ATP Trucks said that they have no issue unlinking used AutoCals.

This unit could be used as is with ATP, you would just need to purchase a tune package from them. So if you have or know someone with a GM diesel rig please pass along the auction link.

If you want to use this with Black Bear yourself, you'd just need to contact ATP to unlink the unit, and then purchase a tune package from Black Bear and add $25 to link the unit to their tuner.

If you are interested in this, I have it up as a Buy-It-Now style auction with the option to make an offer. I set the price a little higher than I expect to get. If you make me an offer, let me know that you are from the from the forum and I'll take that into consideration. I've already turned down some lowball offers, but shoot me a realistic offer and I can drop it in the mail.


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